Building names for St George’s Place

We are delighted to share with you the building names for Audley St George’s Place. Pending approval from the council, the names will be

St George’s House
Gabriel Place
Middlemore Hall
Chains Court
Chamberlain Place

St George’s House: This is the main house which will hold all the facilities including the swimming pool, gym, bar, bistro and restaurant (currently Blocks C and D).

Gabriel Place: This is after Gabriel Jean Marie De Lys who opened the school where St George’s Place will stand (currently Block F).

Middlemore Hall: The Middlemore family were the first owners of Calthorpe Estate (currently Block A).

Chains Court: This is after the plaque on the wall which says ‘The Chains’ (currently Block B).

Chamberlain Place: Conservative Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was born in Edgbaston. He served as Prime Minster from May 1937 until May 1940 (currently Block E).