Follow Suzi Grant on a tour of our Ascot village

The fabulous Suzi Grant is all about positive ageing, and she experienced exactly that when she stayed at Audley Sunningdale Park last week. Suzi visited Audley Nightingale Place in Clapham last year and loved it! This time, we invited Suzi to stay in the Experience Suite at our Ascot village, so as well as experiencing a day in the life of an Audley property owner, Suzi got to fall sleep and wake up in a beautiful apartment there. In her own words "I got to spend 24 hours here!".

"The design of Audley villages are second to none."

Whilst at Sunningdale Park, Suzi talked to the team, had lunch and dinner, tried the gym and went for a swim, walked the beautiful grounds in the sunshine, and talked to a few people who live there.

Watch the video below and follow Suzi on social media or visit her Alternative Ageing website and take a look at some of the pro-ageing talks and podcasts, blogs, and more.

Suzi Grant at AlternativeAgeing Vlog of visit to Audley Sunningdale Park retirement village Ascot

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