Social wellness and why it is important

social wellness, nurturing our emotional wellbeing

In our Audley community, we go beyond traditional retirement living by fostering an environment that promotes continued independent living, healthy aging and active engagement. Our approach is rooted in the idea that retirement about embracing life’s next adventure; it's an opportunity for a new chapter filled with purpose, choice, vitality, resilience and connection.

As the Health and Wellness Director, I am passionate about every owner feeling that they are the best version of themselves by living authentically, bringing a sense of happiness and meaning to life. A key aspect in this is your wellness – this is a dynamic and holistic concept which encompasses the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of complete and positive health. Achieving wellness involves recognising and addressing how various aspects of our lives interconnect. It is a proactive and ongoing process, emphasising self-awareness and personal responsibility. True wellness goes beyond the narrow focus on disease and treating symptoms; it involves adopting a preventive mindset and cultivating habits that support a fulfilling and flourishing life.

We recognise that every Audley owner will have a unique journey, reflecting diverse needs, preferences, and goals. We look to support owners in creating a harmonious balance, embracing a positive outlook, and continually striving for improvement through the dimensions of wellness.

The 8 dimensions of wellness

The 8 dimensions of wellness

Key areas of lifestyle are considered as dimensions of overall wellness; physical; emotional; social; intellectual, vocational; spiritual, financial, and environmental.

To achieve optimal wellness, we encourage our owners to make individual and personal choices within these 8 dimensions.

Retired people playing piano and laughing

Social wellness

First, we are going to focus on social wellness. This dimension emphasises the importance of building and maintaining meaningful relationships. It involves developing and continuing connections, a sense of belonging, and building a supportive, nurturing network. Now, you might be wondering, "Why bother? I'm perfectly content with my own company."

While basking in solitude has its charms and can be important in self-care, nurturing social wellness brings a kaleidoscope of benefits that can add sparkle and gusto to life! Yes, it's time to sharpen those conversation skills and dive headfirst into the world of social wellness!

Let’s talk about the brain

Our body's very own command centre. Just like a fine wine, our brains improve with age, but only if we give them the right amount of invigoration and interest! Engaging in lively conversations, participating in group activities, or even just sharing a chuckle with friends can give our brains the workout they crave. Social interaction has been shown to sharpen cognitive functions, enhance memory retention, and even reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Who knew that swapping stories over a cup of tea could be the ultimate brain booster?

The power of friendship, laughter, and connection

Social wellness isn't just about keeping our brains in top-notch condition; it's also about nurturing our emotional wellbeing. Let's face it - life can throw us some curveballs, however having a strong support network can act as a safety net during turbulent times. Whether it's a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, or a hearty laugh to lift our spirits, our friends and loved ones are there to navigate the highs and lows of life with us. Plus, let's not forget the joy that comes from sharing laughter, swapping stories, and creating cherished memories together.

The Audley community is brimming with opportunities to forge new connections and expand social horizons. From joining a seated exercise class to attending an owner’s coffee morning, to a movie night, or a swim in the pool with a new neighbour, to a games evening to a wine tasting event, there is so much opportunity to meet others. 

In essence, I believe social wellness is the heartbeat of a fulfilling and enriching life, and at Audley we encourage our property owners to embrace the journey ahead with open hearts.