Top 4 winter wellbeing tips

It can be very tempting to stay indoors and be less active during the winter months. It is essential for everyone to keep moving even when the temperatures drop and the nights and mornings are darker. Don’t use the weather as an excuse for your activity to be reduced. There are ways to keep an active routine with positive movement throughout the day.

Kevin Daly, Audley Club Manager at St George's Place

1. Walk indoors

When it's cold outside or the paths are more slippery than usual, walk indoors. This easy activity can help you lower your risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Walking keeps bones and muscles strong and helps improve your balance. Walking indoors could be done in the form of taking the stairs more often, using the treadmills in our leisure clubs and/or walking around the grounds of your village at warmer times of the day.

Yoga class in a retirement village

2. Join a fitness class

Exercising indoors and in good company will increase motivation to exercise more often, for longer periods of time, and also increases social activity. You could make new friends while taking care of your health. Classes with Audley can also be very specific and help improve balance, strength, range of motion, and circulation.

3. Try water fitness

Having an indoor heated pool right on your doorstep can be a terrific advantage and promote movement in the water that cannot always be performed on land. Water-based fitness can be a fun way to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular tone. You can use our pools all year long, it can take pressure off your joints and you get a great workout that feels more like fun than a challenge.

Kevin Daly, Leisure Club Manager at St George's Place

4. Let a personal trainer help you

Using a personal training service to make exercise specific to you, creating a more personal experience, can result in quicker improvements. A personal trainer can meet you at your Audley Club gym, or they can come to your home. Our personal trainers are experienced in tailoring fitness plans for over 50s and can help you keep moving indoors to prepare you for enjoying a more active outdoor lifestyle as the weather warms up.