Edgbaston's hidden gem

Hi Tanya, you’ve been at St George’s Place for 8 years now and clearly love it there. Tell us a little more about what makes Audley St George’s Place, and your restaurant Three Church Road, so special.

How did you first come to work at Audley St George’s Place?

I joined as Care Branch Manager in 2016, before the village was even opened. Audley was looking for someone with experience in private home care, rather than local authority. My background was a good fit and I loved my role here as Care Branch Manager for 3 years until I was promoted to General Manager in 2019. I stepped up initially to temporarily cover Paternity leave but then a chain of events led to me staying in the role. And I love it.

Was that quite a transition, from Care Branch Manager to General Manager?

The biggest culture shock was realising that you’re essentially leading 5 different businesses. There’s the reception/hotel aspect, facilities, club and leisure management, F&B (back of house and front of house) and of course care and support. There’s so much to consider in additional to front of house service excellence. My management style has to be very adaptable for each team and each individual. I felt like I was learning 4 new job roles at once.

Managing the restaurant was probably the most challenging, understanding how everything works. 5 years later I have a great understanding of the financials and our processes.

On top of that, I felt aware that I was perceived as transitioning from ‘carer’ to General Manager, whilst also being a black woman. I was accepted by the team and the owners here and that made the transition easier.

Exterior of Binswood Hall in Leamington Spa. Tudor styled red brick building with large windows.

What was your first impression when you visited?

My interview was at Binswood in Leamington Spa. I thought ‘I’m really not posh enough to work here. (It felt like a castle!) Followed by, ‘Why did I wear heels to walk across these cobbles?’.

What are you most proud of achieving at St George’s Place?

With my caring background, supporting the village throughout the covid pandemic was incredible. I felt so proud to be able to that. We reacted so quickly, we closed before the rest of the country did. We were still able to provide a consistent service to our owners here at St George’s Place and I will be forever proud of that. 

Village of the Year - St George's Place

What would you say has been your biggest achievement since becoming General Manager there?

I won ‘Most Tenacious Leader’ at the Spirit Awards in 2021 and Laura Selby, my Care Branch Manager, won Most Caring.

Also, winning Village Of The Year in 2022 – That was probably my most proud moment.

On top of everything else, you’ve been studying for your Masters in Dementia Care?

Yes that’s right. I passed every module and completed it in December 2023. I’m off on holiday next month and look forward to multi-tasking a little less this year when I get home.

In your eyes, what makes Three Church Road so special?

We’re the hidden gem in Edgbaston. Three Church Road is a really intimate space. And while we have a beautiful building, it’s the team’s dedication to service that makes us special. Customer experience is our focus and the team always ensure that the guests have the best experience. 

We also have an incredible Head Chef. 

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You recently retained your 5 star Food Hygiene Standards rating, congratulations. How many years is that now?

We’ve only ever had a 5 star rating. And very proud of it we are too.

How does teamwork influence your service delivery and the atmosphere in the restaurant?

We couldn’t do what we do without teamwork. It’s one of the things I pride myself on. We have really high staff retention levels here at the village and that’s a reflection on how we all feel supported as a team.

When is the restaurant at its busiest?

Lunchtimes on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays tend to be busiest. We have a really strong afternoon tea trade here. Gurpreet’s fine dining experience and quality have built up quite the reputation in Edgbaston. 

We also enjoy hosting local businesses for networking and meetings. It’s a beautiful venue to use as a workspace or for networking.

Do people tend to walk or drive in from Edgbaston?

We have some car parking on site, with a limited number of spaces, but being in the city, we don’t find this is a problem. Public car parks are only a few minutes walk away and we always let guests know at the time of booking.

You’re rated 4 Stars on TripAdvisor, with 24 reviews. What’s the loveliest feedback you’ve received from a customer?

There have been too many to count, but here are a few lovely comments I have received on email from owners and guests:

“The fact that today that Tania the Head of St George’s was manning reception desk speaks volumes as the leaders not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk , and lead by example.”

“They put the needs of (owners and guests) as their top and only priority. “

“All the staff at Audley St George have been exceptional.”

You offer a terrific private dining venue, what are some of the events you’ve hosted there?

We host quite a few baby showers, celebrations, afternoon tea parties and group events over weekends. People tend to come in during the week for lunch meetings too.

Easter Afternoon Tea

Your Afternoon Tea and cream tea are popular. Do you find that’s one of your most popular menus?

Yes, definitely. Traditional Afternoon Tea is very popular here. We are hoping to launch our Asian Afternoon Tea this year. It’s a very culturally diverse market here at St George’s Place. We also sell quite a few sparkling and cocktail options.

What’s the most popular dish on the seasonal menu?

Fish and chips or Afternoon Tea. Fish dishes are always popular here.

And what’s your personal favourite?

I’d have to say Gurpreet’s homemade chickpea curry or a good old fashioned fish and chips.

Gurpreet makes a delicious chicken curry too and shared the recipe with us recently.

Barbecue with chef handing out cooked food

Tell us a little about your chef and kitchen team at Three Church Road.

Gurpreet Singh is originally from North India, Punjab. In 2008, he started his Food Production Diploma before joining the Piccadilly Group in India as a Chef. In 2010 Gurpreet moved to the UK and joined a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in 2011 as a Senior Chef de Partie. Four years later he joined us at Three Church Road as a Sous Chef. He later joined Jaguar Land Rover group as a Hospitality Chef before returning home here to St George’s Place as Head Chef. 

Gurpreet and the team deliver exceptional quality and service. He’s meticulous about creating everything from scratch and is also really humble, kind, and not the least bit wasteful. 

Your terrace is beautiful in the warmer months, when will you open for al fresco dining?

April or May… weather dependant. Some guests have still chosen to sit outside during the colder months, just wrapped up in their cosy coats. We’re fortunate that it’s a beautiful space even in the cooler months.

Kevin Daly, Leisure Club Manager at St George's Place

You have a health club there on site too. Do you find many club members dine in the bistro?

More often our club members visit the bistro for breakfast, coffees and light bites. Members sometimes book events or bring family along at the weekends.

Swimming Pool

Are spa days popular there?

Our spa concession offers an afternoon tea spa package. Jade at our St George’s Clinic & Spa is lovely and we work closely together to offer the best possible experience to our guests. 

Three Church Road is a luxury venue, in beautiful surroundings. Does being based within the grounds of a retirement village have it’s challenges?

Only ahead of someone’s first visit. The misconception that ‘retirement village’ conjurs up is massively different from the reality, and the first time someone visits St George’s Place or Three Church Road, they realise that straight away. The restaurant is clearly such an exquisite building that you’d never mistake it for being anything else. And they’ll come back time and time again , and invite friends and family. We have lots of younger guests, families, and groups who dine with us.

If you could describe Three Church Road in three words what would you say?

Exquisite. Intimate. Welcoming.

If you could describe Audley St George’s Place in one word (or two or three) what would it be?

Groundbreaking. Impressive. Warm.


Thanks Tanya, keep up the great work and we look forward to visiting again soon.

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