How to dress a balcony

7 tips on how to dress your balcony

We recently tasked a few team members with dressing the empty balcony or terrace space of 3 unfurnished apartments in London, Hampshire, and Leeds. We think they've done a marvellous job (photos below). The once-bare al fresco spaces now look stylish and inviting, especially in the sunshine.

Here are our top tips to achieve the same with your balcony space:

  1. Add window boxes and planters - These add a splash of colour and make it feel more like a garden space. Choose perennials that will come back year after year and use a mixture of window boxes and tiered planters to add height. You could even include a herb garden.
  2. Choose artificial plants and flowers if you'd prefer a maintenance-free balcony space. Bear in mind that artificial plants will endure wear and tear over time, so may need replacing at some point.
  3. Furnish for comfort. Treat the furniture like you would your living room. Opt for comfort with a cover available to protect it from the elements, or look for low-maintenance vintage or wire-framed patio furniture. 
  4. Choose multi-purpose furniture if you're short on space. A pair of ottomans can offer extra seating which can easily double up as a coffee table with a tray.
  5. Make it inviting. The sitting area outside on your terrace or balcony should be just as inviting as any inside space. Add candles, throws and cushions for a homely touch.
  6. Show off the view. If you have a view from your balcony, position furniture so that it draws the eye out towards the view.
  7. Inject colour using furniture, throws, ornaments, candles, and cushions.

Audley properties have glass doors opening on to a balcony or terrace, and an exquisite finish to the railings and landscaping. It's the perfect blank canvas for you to add your personal touch.

You don’t need a large garden to create a beautiful flower display

Balcony gardening is perfect for retirement properties, city dwellers and those without a garden. Your balcony can be transformed into a peaceful and relaxing corner bursting with life and colour.