I am convinced retirement villages are the future

Mr Turner, new property owner at Audley Scarcroft Park

As the first owners have begun settling into their new homes at Scarcroft Park, Mr Turner has kindly shared his story with us to help others who are considering their retirement living options. 

“Increasingly in middle age you hear stories about aging parents refusing to move out of their over large houses or just as often pretending to their worried children that suggested moves are not quite right. This puts an increasing burden on all concerned. I well remember the hours of worry suffered by my late wife along with frequent 150-mile drives because my mother-in-law refused to move out of her very unsuitable house.

Then one day the realisation dawns that you are the one living in an over large house, almost certainly needing more and more maintenance with all the hassle and cost those entail. You are the one making the excuses that I am OK, and I just cannot find the right place. You are the one in denial about reducing capabilities and turn away from the truth that the changes can be slowed up but not reversed. 

Fortunately, I knew about Audley Villages and Audley Care with their stellar reputations for quality. So, when I saw a ‘site acquired by Audley’ sign just a few miles from two of my daughters, my decision was made.

I moved into a cottage at Audley Scarcroft Park in December 2023 with high expectations which in every case have been exceeded. The cottage is superb, very easy to look after (particularly with aid of a cleaner provided by Audley Care) and after very few days felt completely at home. The staff could not have been more helpful and friendly.

I had delayed a replacement hip operation until after my move thinking correctly that it was the right place to be, with emergency buttons to press and staff always available to deal with any emergency.

What I didn’t expect were the volunteers to help with dog walking and anything else that was difficult in the early stages of recovery. 

Equally friendly have been my fellow residents with regular opportunities to socialise. But of course, if a little bit of solitude is needed, then having your own cottage or apartment provides this. 

I am convinced that retirement villages are the future for more and more of us.

They enable independence with a backstop for the inevitable problems. They provide the opportunity to socialise easily with people with common shared memories.

What could be better for later life?"

Mr Rod Turner, Audley Scarcroft Park property owner

Scarcroft Park offers independence with flexibility for owners whether they’re completely self-sufficient or in need of a little extra support, providing peace of mind for both our owners and their families. 

It’s fantastic to see the new owners beginning the next chapter of their lives at Scarcroft Park, with stunning facilities that both owners, and their family & friends can enjoy.