Get into the sporting spirit

Stone walls and tennis court

Get into the sporting spirit this August with The Joy Club

Nothing brings people together (or sets them apart) quite like sport. The atmosphere in places like Wimbledon, Wembley Stadium and Twickenham Stadium prickles with excitement and tension, as fans take to the edge of their seats to attentively watch their beloved teams do them proud. There’s truly nothing quite like it.

The international sporting tournaments that take place every summer are a great reason to get together. Many of us have fond memories of eating strawberries and sipping G&Ts in Wimbledon, or enjoying pints in front of the big telly of our local pubs – which is almost always broadcasting some sporting event or another.

Sport has been an integral part of British culture for centuries. Often, when we think about Britain’s cultural heritage, our minds are drawn to various bards and playwrights (Shakespeare, Chaucer, Lord Byron etc) or the Monarchy. We overlook the fact that many globally popular sports – including cricket, rugby and football – are British exports. In fact, The Football Association was founded in England in 1863 and cricket’s origins may well date back to 13th-century England.

In more recent history, the England women’s football team brought home a long-awaited win at the UEFA Women’s European Championship in a 2-1 victory against Germany. This was the first senior association football team of either gender to win a major tournament since the men's team won the 1966 FIFA World Cup. With the women’s FIFA World Cup already in motion – and the final set for 20th August – The Joy Club are ready to get members into the sporting spirit.

They have two-time Olympic champion Katherine Copland sharing her inspirational stories on life as an elite athlete and finding purpose post-retirement. What’s more, to get their community in the sporting mood, they will be sharing exclusive performances of some classical songs that have made their way into the arena – all performed live and recorded exclusively for their members’ ears.

Audley property owners enjoy complimentary membership to The Joy Club, and can enjoy a live online event with Olympian Katherine Copland’s as well as some wonderful classical performances.

Property owners can enjoy the sporting events shown in the restaurant, bistro or lounge in their village. Selected Audley villages also welcome guests from the local community to come and get into the sporting spirit. Contact your local village to book a table.

Audley Cooper's Hill in Englefield Green (featured in the video below) offers property owners access to a golf putting green, tennis courts, beautifully landscaped grounds, and views across to Windsor Castle, along with a fully-equipped gym, heated indoor pool, sauna, and fitness and aqua classes indoors. 

Try our Experience Suite and enjoy its historic grounds and exquisite facilities during your stay