“Faux” set to replace “fast” flowers for 2022

Large bouquet of flowers in a vase

Flowers are a classic addition to any home, that will never go out of style, however fast flower trends are becoming a thing of the past. Natural flowers are surprisingly not a sustainable option, as 90% of flowers in the UK are imported. The majority of these flowers come through the Netherlands where they are grown in heated greenhouses which release large amounts of CO2. Faux flowers, on the other hand, can provide a more ethical environmental interiors option, and evoke a sense of effortless: both in appearance and maintenance.

It’s impossible to be sustainable and change the interior of your home every time there is a new trend, so Audley Villages have turned to the flexibility and environmentally friendly option: faux flowers.

Simon Temprell, interior design manager at Neptune, who designed the lavish faux flower bouquets at Audley Villages for the interiors of the beautiful buildings and retirement property show apartments shares his tips on buying the best faux flowers.


Bedroom vanity with faux flowers

Why buy faux flowers over fresh?

We chose to use faux flowers for Audley as the villages need real statement pieces. The interiors are stunning and the flowers need to match.

The best faux flower arrangements have the power to tie a room together; they can be opulent centre pieces for a table or a sumptuous statement on a windowsill.

Wherever they go and whatever their purpose, faux flowers provide colour, vibrancy, and imagery.

What is the secret to a great faux flower?

I think quality is essential if any degree of realism is to be achieved.

Some blooms are incredibly difficult to emulate, and it takes an artist to recreate each nuance of a petal, each pollen-loaded stamen. Texture is just as important as the visual appeal. Real-touch petals and leaves feel more like the real thing and add to the illusion.

Large vase with thin and long faux flowers

What is the biggest giveaway that flowers may not be real?

If it’s September and there are daffodils in the vase, they’re probably not real.

Be aware of seasonality when creating faux arrangements as this can be a dead giveaway.

Home accessories should never remain static anyway, so switch your choice of flowers several times through the year to keep things fresh and convincing.

Pack and store your faux flowers carefully, and reuse them when their season comes round again

I am personally not a fan of faux flowers that have pretend dew drops on them. Attention to detail is very important and I look at the stems as well as the flowers and leaves.

Faux flowers spread on a table top

Are faux flowers more sustainable?

Because faux flowers can last several years before they need to be replaced, they are definitely more sustainable than fresh flowers. However, faux stems can be difficult to recycle because of the mixture of different materials used. It is important to invest well, buy flowers that will last a long time.

What type of faux flower will be the most popular for 2022?

Pampas Grass. The seventies are coming back!

There will be a resurgence of dried as well as faux flowers over the next few years, not only the iconic pampas stems, but bullrushes, lavender, larkspur, yarrow and all manner of twigs, pods and vines.

Dry pampas grass in a transparent glass vase
Large peony and rose bouquet in a round vase

What about dried flowers?

Growing and drying flowers is an ecologically sound way of creating beautiful, long-lasting stems.

Arguably, the look and feel of dried flowers is very different from a faux version, but they serve the same purpose.

Dried flowers don’t last as long as faux blooms, but they are perfect for cottage-style interiors.

As for another most popular flower in 2022… Roses are always number one, every year! However, personally I prefer peonies.

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