5 Autumn Interior Design Trends

As summer gives way to autumn and the rustic hues of the season replace the bright, floral displays of summer, most of us are heading back indoors, to the warmth and comfort of our homes. As we start to enjoy more time inside, it’s the perfect opportunity to consider an interior refresh, but what are the key design trends for autumn 2022? We spoke to interior design expert Jen Bernard, managing director of Bernard Interiors – and the creative powerhouse behind our stunning Audley Villages interiors.

Large drawing room with modern furnishings
A 1970s-inspired palette helps to create a cosy yet stylish atmosphere

1. Rewind to the 1970s

When it comes to home interiors, the 1970s influence is everywhere, but you don’t have to dig out your bell bottoms to enjoy this design trend. And we’re not talking loud prints and flock wallpaper. Instead, 70s inspiration comes in the form of colour - a soft palette of caramel, chocolate brown, tan, taupe, burnt umber and rich orange. These earthy tones elicit warmth and comfort, helping to create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere as the nights draw in.

2. Back to nature

Another key trend this autumn is nature in all its imperfect and organic forms, and we are seeing this in everything from floor coverings to furniture. Think rustic terracotta tiles reminiscent of an old Spanish villa, rattan furniture and accessories, from side-tables to place settings, scallop-edged jute rugs and raffia lamp shades. Mix it up with tactile textures, like super-soft bouclé throws, and hand-crafted, natural knitted cushion covers in rich wools to bring the outside, in.

Mirroring the imperfect world we all inhabit, wall coverings are also reflecting a more natural look, with Venetian and lime washed plaster taking centre stage, alongside walls painted the colour of raw plaster and light clay.

3. Go organic

Organic shapes help create a relaxed, unstructured look that complements the natural colour palette we’re enjoying this season. Rugs in different forms than the traditional square or rectangle shape sit alongside curvaceous furniture, with pieces like the classic Vitra Noguchi bean-shaped coffee table creating striking style statements with their soft, curved lines. 

Accessorise with porous, earthenware jugs brimming with dried autumn stems picked from gardens and hedgerows, pieces of sculpture scavenged from sales rooms, or oversized shells repurposed as fruit bowls (Matilda Goud & Co have some great examples.) 

Meanwhile, bath tubs, sinks and surfaces in marble and travertine are popular options, with the natural stone creating a durable, hardwearing and smooth finish which works well alongside other organic materials such as stripped-back wooden flooring or rustic tiles.

4. Sustainably stylish

Sustainable design doesn’t mean having to compromise on style, and it can be fun too. Vintage furniture and accessories scavenged from antique fayres, charity shops, sale rooms and auction houses help create an individual and unique look, and repurposing them is kinder to the planet too.

Reupholster mid-century classics in natural fabrics for a fresh twist – for instance, try pairing taupe with burnt umber detailing. Meanwhile, scour junk shops for framed prints, posters or artwork in 1970s tones, salvaged and reframed to bring your walls to life.

Framed portrait and side table

5. Dual-purpose living

Lockdown may now be a distant memory, but the hangover from living our entire lives in one space for months on end remains, with the lines between living, working and playing in the same place forever blurred.

With this in mind, dual-purpose living spaces continue to serve a need. Think rustic, wooden farmhouse tables that double up as a space to both entertain our friends and family, and answer our emails. Or ottomans placed between sofas that act as coffee tables, bookshelves, workstations and footrests all at once.

Incorporating these key trends into your autumn 2022 interior update will not only enhance your home during the colder months of the year, but also create ample opportunity to have fun scouring for those unique pieces that allow you to put your own personal stamp on your property. Have fun!

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