Buttery pancakes

Looking to make perfect pancakes?

Cecilia Tupac has shared her recipe for perfect pancakes. We'll be trying them out this evening. Will you?

Pancake recipe


130g plain flour

15g sugar

2 tablespoons butter

2 free range eggs

365ml milk


  • Add eggs to a bowl, then add the sugar and whisk together by hand, until blended
  • Once you have the blended texture, add the milk and continue to whisk
  • Sieve the flour to remove clumps and improve consistency
  • Whisk again until all ingredients are combined
  • (If short on time you can use a blender to speed things up)
  • Finally, add the melted butter to the bowl
  • Mix together one final time and the mixture is ready
  • In a hot pan add a knob of butter (or use coconut oil or olive oil for a healthier option)
  • Spread the butter around the pan
  • Once hot, add a ladleful of the crepe mixture
  • Use less if you want a thinner pancake, and a larger ladleful for a thicker pancake
  • Traditional french crepes are on the thinner side
  • Cook each side for around 1.5 - 2mins on one side
  • When you start to see the bubbles appearing, it's time to flip on to the other side for a further 1.5 - 2 minutes
  • You're crepes are ready to add your toppings


If you like this recipe, check out Cecilia's American-style pancakes too.

Blandy's at Inglewood

Here in the UK we're used to the thin crepe-style pancake, although the thicker American-style pancake is becoming increasingly popular.

The difference between the two types is raising agent. That and the lack of a flip! Traditional British pancakes are intentionally thin and don't use anything to make them rise.

Here's our foolproof recipe to make the most thin, tasty and positively flippable pancakes from Mark Little, Head Chef at Blandy's restaurant at Inglewood in Berkshire.