Do you remember these sayings?

Do you still find yourself quoting the popular sayings of days gone by? I often hear myself commenting in conversation with a classic phrase I'd learned growing up, only to find that my companion has never heard it themselves. Some are famously 'northern', learned from my beloved Grandma, and some are just time-old classics. Unfortuntely, many of them seem to have been retired nowadays.

How many can you remember?

There's nothing like a trip down memory lane so, just for fun, have a read of each line below and see how many well-known sayings spanning the last 5 decades, you can remember.

An Englishman’s home is his _______

Aged to ____________

A _______ in a china shop

In for a _______, in for a ________

I heard it through the _________

A _______ off the old block

A bunch of _______

A different _______ of fish

A friend in need is a friend _______

A _______ for your thoughts

A little _______ told me

A man after my own _______

Find a _______, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good _______

Pick up a _______, give it to a _______, and your good luck may never end

Sweet _______ Adams

A place for _______ and _______ in it’s place

Like a red rag to a _______

A woman’s place is in the _______ (A highly controversial one nowadays)

A sight for _______ eyes

A watched pot never _______

Two peas in a _______

Age cannot _______ her, nor custom stale her infinite variety

All good things come to those who _______

It costs an _______ and a _______

_______ the bucket

How far is it as the _______ flies

At sixes and _______

A bit of how’s your _______

The _______ of my eye

To be a _______ in the pan

To _______ someone’s goat

Dressed to the _______

Get your glad _______ on

To beat around the _______

To _______ your whistle

Not enough room to _______ a cat

Take care of the pennies, and the _______ will take care of themselves

_______ with the fairies

Age is not a destination, it’s a _______

To be the boss and rule the _______

A _______ in the ointment

That’s a turn _______ for the books

A nod is as _______ as a wink

For all _______ and purposes

Spend a _______

As _______ as mustard

Pardon my _______

______ in a teacup

Flogging a _______ horse

See a _______about a dog

Keeping a _______ upper lip

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