Coming around again

For many of us, the world we live in today vastly differs from the one we grew up in. But whilst so much has changed, so much of today’s popular culture has actually come back around from the past! From fashion trends to TV remakes let's take a look at the things that have been reborn from our favourite decades.

Polaroid Cameras

With the ability to take photos straight from your smartphone, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would have the need for any other camera these days. First made in 1948, Polaroid Cameras were all the rave in the late 70s. Is it the craving for a physical photo in a digital world? Or maybe it’s that irreplicable vintage photo tint? All we know is that they’re back and more popular than ever.

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Record Players

It’s not just how we take photos that are reviving old gadgets. The way we listen to music has also taken a trip down memory lane with recent years seeing an increase in the popularity of old-school vinyl record players. In fact, 2022 was the first year since 1987 that vinyl sales surpassed CD sales.

The growing love of vinyl could be down to that romantic sound, the enjoyable nature of collecting records, or even the visual aesthetic of a traditional record player—either way, we’re glad it’s sticking around!


So we know the way we listen to music has looped its way back around but how about the music itself? If you listen close enough you’ll find plenty of samples and remixes of classic songs in today’s music.

One genre in particular which seems to be making a comeback is Disco, hugely popular in the 70s and responsible for birthing some of the greatest artists including Chic, The Bee Gees and Diana Ross. Today, that 70s glam, glitter and upbeat catchiness can be found in songs from the likes of Dua Lipa, Doja Cat and The Weekend, as well as in covers of old hits like Sam Smith’s version of Donna Summers’ I feel love.

Flared Pants and fashion

It’s impossible to think about Disco without thinking about flared pants and funnily enough, these are just one of the fashion trends that have resurfaced this year.

Despite the fact that there are always new and emerging designers in the fashion world, it’s common for the past to provide inspiration. There is even a term in the fashion world called the ‘20 year cycle’ describing the way in which trends make their way back around. Other fashionable items reappearing include cargo trousers, platform shoes and sweater vests, not to mention hairstyles like mullets and big scrunchies, all of which were worn during the early 70s and in the 90s.

There's nothing like a trip down memory lane so, just for fun, have a read of each line and see how many well-known sayings spanning the last 5 decades, you can remember.

Film, TV and popular franchises

It’s always fun to see a remake of a classic film or TV show, or even just a new addition to a popular franchise. Earlier this year a remake of the popular ‘That 70s Show’ was released on Netflix to a welcoming audience. Later this year we’ll see the releases of ‘Wonka’-a retelling of the classic Charlie and The Chocolate Factory story, as well as ‘Barbie’, centered around the much-loved doll franchise. Other new additions to popular franchises include Top Gun Maverick, a long-awaited sequel to the 80s hit which raked in over $1.4 billion at the box office.

Alongside remakes, there are also strong fashion, music and culture references to iconic decades in new TV shows like Stranger Things. This could be partially responsible for the resurgence of nostalgic trends and behaviours.

Stephen King

One name that has made an explosive return to our screens (so much so that he needed his own recognition) is Stephen King. Many of his popular movies (based on his even more popular books) that were cult favourites in the 80s have now been given a modern makeover. These include IT, Pet Sematary, Carrie as well as new additions to the collection including Doctor Sleep (sequel to The Shining), In The Tall Grass and The Mist. With plenty of adaptions currently in the works, it looks like Stephen King’s following is only set to grow!

The SodaStream

You might recall seeing the catchphrase ‘Get busy with the fizzy’ plastered on advertisements in the 70s and 80s. This line of course belonged to SodaStream, the kitchen gadget that allowed you to carbonate any drink.

Following its surge in popularity all those years ago, SodaStream sales began to fall, changing only when they were bought by Pepsi in 2018 for a massive $3.2 billion. In the years since, SodaStream has seen a resurgence in popularity and has expanded into multiple machines, drinks and flavours.

On the topic of fizzy beverages, it would be wrong not to mention other sweet foods that have returned in recent years like the Cadbury’s Wispa or Dream bar. Interestingly the cost of living has supposedly also caused a surge in sales of nostalgic desserts like arctic roll, apple strudel and jam roly-polys. 


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