Anagrams are a great way to keep your brain healthy and it can be really satisfying when the answer finals 'clicks'. Take a look at our list of anagrams below. Each one is a different UK city (some are more widely known than others). Why not challenge a friend or family member and compete to see who can guess them all the fastest. Good luck!

  • Looper Liv
  • Ullh
  • Sedel
  • Lock Blapo
  • DL Noon
  • Dr Icaff
  • Big Ham Mirn
  • Lt Noob
  • Wog Lags
  • Lost Rib
  • Chat Remens
  • Elf Stab
  • Chip Wis
  • Fish E Delf
  • Wes Can Let
  • Plant, Hover, Mow
  • At Thing Mon
  • Big Thorn
  • Never Sins
  • Stop Hur Tom
  • Stone Card
  • Glum Bored Dish

Stuck on any? Reveal the UK cities by downloading the pdf answer sheet below.

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