Connecting with family over the holidays

Top tips to stay connected

Staying connected with family and friends this year, whilst being unable to physically see and hold the ones we love, has been incredibly hard. Technology has been a lifeline to all generations. Christmas this year will almost certainly be different to previous years, but with video calling, the telephone and post, we can all still feel together at home.

1. Send Christmas cards to ones you love

This year perhaps write a heartfelt letter inside, for that personal touch to show how much you care.

2. Pick up the phone and call someone for a chat

Your call could brighten their day (and yours) far more than you could know.

3. Arrange a virtual get-together

It could be a family quiz or even sitting down to dinner together. Set up the tablet, laptop or phone so you can all see each other. Even charades and online games work virtually.

4. Surprise someone with a delivery

Dried flowers and letterbox flowers are very popular this year. Remember to order early and choose your delivery day. Read our top stay-at-home gift ideas for 2020.

5. Book onto a virtual Christmas-themed event with a friend or family member

Why not try wreath-making or a festive-themed cocktail making event. Lots of events available to buy online are hosted by an expert and they post the essentials out to you ahead of the event.

6. Arrange with a friend to read the same book, or watch the same film or TV series

A shared interest is a great way to spark conversation over the phone, text or video call.

7. Ask for videos and photos of your grandchildren or mini relatives sent to your phone

It’s incredibly heart-warming to watch videos of children or pets doing the funniest things. And you can watch them at any time to make you smile.

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