Guide to online games

Online games are a fun and easy way to keep your mind active and are a great way to add some friendly competition between family and friends.

Playing an online game requires internet access but once connected there’s a wealth of gaming options available across the web and app stores, with many multi-player and single-player games available to download for free.

To enable you to play for free, many of these games will have advertisements, including 20-30 second clips during gameplay.

Alternatively, some games require payment, but you will be notified before downloading the game. See our how to download an app guide.

Download our guide “An introduction to online games” to find out more about online games and some recommendations on our favourite games you can download.

Recommended online games:

Words with Friends

A bit like Scrabble, you play with friends through the app.
Download on the App Store or Google Play


1,000s of Sudoku puzzles to complete for beginners to advanced players.
Play online or download on the App Store or Google Play

Puzzle Page

A new page of puzzles each day, including crosswords and word searches.
Download on the App Store or Google Play


Play & Learn – Play online against a powerful computer or challenge friends to unlock your inner chess master.
Download on the App Store or Google Play


Classic edition – Play 3 different types of dominoes, Draw dominoes, Block dominoes or Dominoes All Five.
Download on the App Store or Google Play

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