Indoor gift ideas to make someone's day

If you're looking for something more than a chocolate egg as a gift this Easter, or perhaps it's someone's birthday, we have collated some of the top gift ideas.

If the intended recipient of your Easter gift has a smartphone and would appreciate some new ways to stay connected, then read our 'how to' guides to help people get started with using technology in retirement.

Here are some great 'indoor' Easter gift ideas (of the non-technical variety)

Top non-tech gift ideas

  1. Magazine subscription
  2. Sponsor something
  3. DIY home nail kit
  4. Learning a new skill
  5. Something new 'for best'
  6. Get crafty
  7. Letter writing kits
  8. Flowers
  9. Traditional games
  10. Easter eggs

A magazine subscription

How about a subscription to a magazine! Many magazines now offer a digital download subscription, but if the recipient of your Easter gift loves to flick through the pages of a book or magazine (that scent of glossy pages, the wow impact of the airbrushed picture on the front cover!), then a 3-6 month subscription would be a welcomed surprise.

Currently lots of magazines are offering reduced subscriptions. Buy someone you love a subscription to a popular magazine for the over 50s, such as The English Home, Gardener's World, Good Food, Saga magazine, with many under £20 for 6 issues. Hello! magazine is currently offering 12 issues for just £12, delivered straight to your front door. A range of magazines subscriptions can be purchased at iSubscribe, with Good Houskeeping and Country Living each only £6 for 6 issues, The Lady and The Oldie, each £3 for 3 issues.

Think about the recipient. What do they like? If they are thinking of moving home or downsizing then perhaps an interior design magazine would be a well-received gift.

Subscribe to lifestyle and magazines for over 50s offers at iSubscribe.

Sponsor something

The WWF is calling out for support to protect endangered animals around the world. There are little more than 1,000 giant pandas left on the planet. An animal adoption gift supports a worthy cause and the recipient of your gift enjoys regular updates in the post and by email, including a magazine and pack.

A home nail kit

Then there's home pampering... A do-it-at-home LED or UV nail kit ensures that the recipient looks their best, and most importantly feels their best even in isolation. UV or LED nail kits can be purchased from Amazon, Boots and other online retailers with quick delivery times. Here are a few top rated home gel nail kits.

Learning a new skill

Learning to play an instrument keeps the brain active and is a great way to pass the time. With the right instrument, the recipient of your musical gift could lose hours absorbed in their newfound hobby. You may even receive a musical thank you via video call. A small keyboard like this Casio keyboard from Argos, coupled with a YouTube beginners guide to reading and playing music, could make the world of difference to someone this Easter.

A new item of clothing

We talked recently about treating every day like a special occasion. No more "I'm saving it for best". The best is now. There will be lots of possessions your loved one already has at home. Why not prompt them to dig out their best china and have a cup of tea and a chat over video call. Alternatively, buy them a new item of clothing, jewellery or something else that they can put on and feel special.

Get crafty

Arts and crafts are often things we would all enjoy taking part in, but rarely find the time. There are lots of ways to encourage someone to embrace their creative side... Our owners at Audley Binswood recently rediscovered their creative passion and put good old fashioned pencil to paper to tackle some drawing challenges in their retirement village. To give them a little nudge in the right direction you could consider gifting someone a paint by numbers kit for adults. These canvas templates come complete with instructions, paints and brushes and require concentration to keep the brain active, whilst also producing terrific results worthy of a place on the wall once complete. Maybe you'll even receive it back as a gift.

Letter writing

Our new Audley intergenerational pen pals scheme is inspired by the 10 year old daughter of Audley Chalfont Dene General Manager Nick. Summer and other children are now writing letters to owners living in our retirement villages. There is an art to penmanship and a letter can be both satisfying to write and rewarding to receive. There are some beautiful letter writing kits and note card sets available to buy online. Take a look at these personalised options on Notonthehighstreet. And who doesn't love a fancy pen and some new stationary. Remember to pop a book of stamps in with your Easter gift.


Online-only flower delivery companies like Bloom and Wild 'letterbox flowers' and Freddie's Flowers, guarantee putting a smile on someone's face this Easter. You may need to allow for a-little-longer-than-usual delivery times, but the results are guaranteed. 


There are lots of apps out there offering the ability to play traditional card games, scrabble and trivia with friends. If you would like to send the traditional version of these online games - of the card, board and tile variety - as an Easter gift to someone who isn't isolating alone, then here are a few of my personal favourites.

Linkee. This age old game of linking words stimulates the mind and can also be very entertaining.

Avocado Smash! - the game - although smashed avocado on toast is also a welcome treat! I only discovered this game last week and it has proven to be alot of fun, and very energetic (surprising for a game you play sitting down!)

Uno. Simply a classic.

Then of course there's Monopoly which we could predict might fill every waking hour between now and the end of isolation (and that's only one game), chess and draughts and other traditional family favourites.

Bananagrams is another fantastic word game and even better because you can play it alone, using entirely your own creative mind.

Easter eggs or chocolate!

Finally, if the recipient of your Easter gift really is a chocolate-lover and nothing else will do, it's not too late to deliver some chocolate. If you have any supermarket delivery slots pre-booked then add some Easter chocolate to your delivery, then wrap it up and get it to the post office.

Here's our list of the local deliveries still happening at the time of publish this week.

Top tech gift ideas

  1. A Netflix or Disney+ subscription
  2. A Podcast subscription
  3. An Audible trial
  4. Amazon Alexa
  5. A new phone or tablet
  6. A Kindle or e-Reader
  7. A smart TV
  8. Invitation to play online games
  9. A food delivery

Some Audley owners are embracing technology in retirement for the first time and marvel at how it is keeping older people connected to their loved ones. They are using video calling apps and websites, gaming apps and podcasts. You could do the same.

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