Christmas gift ideas for the grandchildren

Lockdown restrictions are sure to play a part in delaying our Christmas shopping this year - although most things can be ordered online, many of us get our gift ideas from popping into shops and browsing. With that in mind, we're here to help.

It can be particularly difficult to find gifts for the grandchildren that they won't immediately grow out of or lose interest in by the time next Christmas rolls around, so we've put together some suggestions that will keep them entertained for years to come.

Board games

With everyone likely spending much more time at home this Christmas, there’s nothing like a board game to bring the family together and make grandchildren break away from their beloved TV or iPad. There’s a wide variety of games, both old and new, available and they’re simple gifts to order online.

Sports equipment

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor sports to play and keeping children active is important now more than ever. Whether it’s a toboggan for a nearby hill, mini sporting games that can be played inside or simply just some equipment for their favourite sport, there’s loads of options for the athletic grandchild in your life.

Art supplies

There’s an inner Picasso in most of us, but especially in creative young minds. From painting sets to sculptor kits and colouring books galore, there's a multitude of artistic gifts that grandchildren are sure to enjoy.

Book tokens in the age of technology

Times may change, but it doesn’t mean that stories are any less popular. Classic novels and chart-topping paperbacks can be enjoyed in a number of formats – whether downloaded as an e-book through Kindle or in audio form through online services like Audible.

Top 5 book box sets

There’s nothing quite like owning a beautiful collection of books, which will take pride of place in any bedroom.

1. Harry Potter  - no childhood is complete without the tales of everyone's favourite boy wizard!
2. Horrible Histories – inspire a love of history with gory (and hilarious!) detail.
3. His Dark Materials – a captivating fantasy adventure for the older kids
4. Jacqueline Wilson collection – heartfelt stories for teens which are full of wisdom 
5. The World of David Walliams – hilarious reads from the well-known comedian and author.

Animation kits

With clay animation kits, kids can become film makers for the day! Compatible with modern technology, these sets often come with ready made film sets to bring Hollywood to the living room.


This timeless classic has inspired young engineers for decades, but it has also moved with the times! The latest Meccano sets include open source computer programming, so now your Meccano creations can move and even speak.

Musical instruments

Although we would discourage certain instruments such as the recorder simply for the sake of your own sanity over Christmas, playing an instrument has many benefits and a gift could spark a life long passion. You could start small with a ukulele stocking filler or choose a keyboard for a main present.


Thanks to social media, we now feel closer to the stars than ever before, with regular passes of the International Space Station communicated on Facebook. Good telescopes are very affordable nowadays and will promise endless fun stargazing and mapping out the constellations!

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