The best is now

Whether it’s an expensive new outfit or a set of china gifted to us by a beloved relative, we’re all guilty of ‘saving for best’. That beautiful crystal given to you on your wedding day that feels too fancy for everyday use? The expensive throw you keep on the rarely used guest bed so it doesn’t get damaged?

We accumulate these special things throughout our lives and even when decluttering for a house move or downsizing in retirement, we still find ourselves holding on to those treasured ‘best’ possessions.

We say it’s time to celebrate your prized possessions – the best is now!

It’s high time to don your diamonds on a Monday, your ‘special occasion’ underwear on a Tuesday or use your very best china on a Wednesday. Or throw caution to the wind and do it all at once! If ‘now’ is not a special occasion, then when is?

Marie Kondo recently burst onto our screens with the KonMari Method, changing many people’s lives with the philosophy that if an item doesn’t ‘spark joy’, then it shouldn’t be in your home.

However, let’s flip that concept on its head - what she is really saying is that if something does bring you joy, you should treat it with respect and celebrate its place in your life.

By keeping special items aside for a ‘special occasion’, we are not valuing ourselves and our lives as highly as we should.

Consider that every day is a special occasion.

This is even more profound in retirement living, with the opportunity to make the most of the newfound time that is actually your own at last.

Use the beautiful things you own to create new memories, bringing joy to your life and the lives of those around you. You have a beautiful home, so next time a friend pops round for a cup of tea, use the fancy china for the Earl Grey and chocolate digestives!

Top 10 things we save for best:

1. China
2. Silverware
3. Crystal glasses
4. Eveningwear
5. Undergarments
6. Jewellery – brooches, hair accessories, diamonds, watches
7. Shoes
8. Bedding
9. Handbags
10. Furniture

Whether you are living your best life in retirement after years of keeping all those special things tucked away in a safe place, or perhaps you’re in your twenties and just received something especially beautiful for your birthday, don’t wait until tomorrow. The best is right now.

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