"Are you bored in your house? Children are too!" Written by Summer, age 7

Hi, I'm Summer. I'm 7 years old and I've written a letter to Audley owners where my daddy works at Chalfont Dene. I'd like to be pen pals while we're all in our houses.

I hope you reply to my letter. Please send your replies to stories@audleygroup.co.uk.

Dear owners,

Are you bored in your house?

Well my name is Summer Sinfield-Vincent and at the minute I'm off school because of this illness, so maybe we could write some letters to each other.

My amazing daddy works for Audley and has told me about your fantastic stories that you have.

If you want to join the retirement village pen pal system please speak to reception and let us know!

We can write letters or even email.


Summer  ♥

PS. I like listening to Abba on my headphones and playing football and doing kick-e-upies. My daddy looks smart in a suit for work.


Summer tells us

"Our Prime Minister has had to shut schools so poor parents have to teach us and they basically don't know what they're doing!

My dad tells me all the interesting stories you have. So one day, my dad and some other owners from other places came up with the pen pal system..."

The Pen Pal scheme is for Audley owners, but if you don't yet live in an Audley retirement village and feel that a pen pal could help you to feel less isolated, please get in touch.

Thank you Summer for your lovely letter and video. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, we don't actually have a retirement village in Bedfordshire, Summer just wishes her daddy worked closer to home