Audley Care Customer Survey 2021

Audley Care survey in 2021

2021 Audley Care Survey Results

At Audley Care everything we provide is designed to enrich our customers' lives in their own home.

To ensure that we are continuously assessing and improving the service and care we deliver, we undertake an annual anonymous Audley Care home care customer satisfaction survey. 300 surveys were completed this year.

Ratings and recommendations:

  • 93% rate the service they receive as 'excellent' or 'good'
  • 91% are likely to recommend Audley Care

The Care Experience:

  • 91% of care clients feel Audley Care improves their lives 'Quite a lot' or 'Very much'
  • 99% said they are treated with dignity and respect
  • 97% said their carers are professional
  • 99% said their carers are trustworthy
  • 97% said their carers make them feel safe
  • 99% said their carers are kind and friendly

What our clients say:

"My Audley carers have always been cheerful and kind and professional."

"I haven't a bad word to say. Professional service. Reliable and have helped improve my everyday life."

Coronavirus response:

  • 94% are happy with how Audley Care responded to the pandemic
  • 93% thought Audley Care responded quickly
  • 98% felt safe and protected
  • 92% thought Audley Care exceeded expectations


The feedback for 2021 home care services

When asked about the 2021 Audley Care Annual Survey results, Fionna Cannon, Head Of Care said

"We’ve just had the results of our annual Audley Care survey back. It gives us a unique view on how the people who use our care services day in, day out, feel about the care they and their loved ones receive and I’m incredibly proud of the 2021 results."

Overall, 93% of our customers say the service they receive is excellent or good. And looking at the detail, 97% are happy with their carers, 99% say they are treated with dignity and respect and 99% say their carers are trustworthy, kind and friendly.

I’m so pleased to see all the figures in the 90s - it’s all down to the amazing work of our teams. During the past two years, health and care workers have been the lifeblood of our society, working tirelessly to keep people safe and ensure they are cared for and this is no different for our Audley carers. Through the pandemic they have worked incredibly hard and this is reflected in the coronavirus response results with 98% of customers feeling safe and protected.

It’s important for us to conduct this survey yearly and understand the results so we can also continually better our services and support people living in their own homes. Giving people access to a range of care support, at a high standard, ensures our customers quality of life and also helps to alleviate pressure on the NHS and stretched social care services.

It’s proven that people are happier and healthier with this approach, and we’ll continue to work to make sure this is the case.


Audley home care services in and around our 13 UK villages

Audley Care provides domiciliary home care services to older people living in or close to London, Edgbaston, Bristol, Malvern, Runnymede, Surrey, Romsey, Clapham, Berkshire, Derbyshire, Royal Leamington Spa, Tunbridge Wells, Ilkley Yorkshire, and Kent.

As time moves on and some tasks become less easy, there's no reason why you shouldn't continue to live the life you know, in the home you've made. All you may need is a visit from a trusted, friendly face; someone to listen and a helping hand when you'd appreciate it.

Our Audley carers offer domiciliary care, travelling to homes within the local community to help you in your own home.