Summer Menu - The Cook-Off

Audley Chefs coming together for the Summer Menu cook-off 2024

A team of experts

Our incredible chefs worked together to create the culinary masterpieces that comprise our new Summer Menu. We caught up with Rob Diaper, Business Development Director, to find out more about the process behind a new menu, and a first look at what we can expect when dining at an Audley restaurant this summer.

How to create the perfect seasonal menu for summer

First, a carefully selected group of head chefs from Audley restaurants across the country came together for an inspiring menu-writing session. Charles, John, Josef, and Kevin, with the support of our procurement partners, Entegra, delved into the seasonality and sustainability of available produce.

From there, we crafted numerous ideas for new dishes as well as tasty tweaks to classic favourites already on our Spring Menu. The changes took in to consideration a combination of seasonality, customer feedback, and sales data from previous years.

Then came the cook-off. Utilising the kitchen at Aston's at Wycliffe Park, the chefs, marketing, myself, and the Entegra team came together to create each dish for our summer menu. There, our team of chefs worked tirelessly to bring our ideas to life on the plate. As a team, we tasted, adjusted, and ultimately determined the final presentation of each starter, main, and dessert on the new menu.

It's an incredible journey from the conception of an idea to its realisation on the plate, and it's something myself and the team are immensely proud of.

Rob Diaper, Business Development Director for the Audley Group


Our summer menu is now ready to be unveiled, no less. Here's a first look at the delicious new dishes we'll be serving in restaurants around the country from now until September.