Flete owners celebrate VE Day anniversary

The elegant library at Flete House near Modbury in Devon was the unlikely setting, last weekend, for a ‘street party’ celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE Day. 

To revive the wartime party menu there were also Spam sandwiches, tea, cakes and jelly. Many of the residents were able to contribute to a display of wartime memorabilia. There were original ration books, photos, medals and even an impressive officer’s sword. “The most poignant item for me,” said Douglas Webster, “was an official letter saying that a serviceman who had thought to be missing had been found at a military hospital but was seriously wounded.”

It was Mr Webster’s wife Marcia who had organised this very popular event. The library was festooned with bunting and patriotic Union Jacks. There were photos of Churchill and King George VI as well as wartime posters and newspapers from VE Day itself. Mrs Wendy Perrin had brought along a photo of her bombed home in Exeter. Her husband, Dr Robert Perrin had been a young officer of 24 in 1945. He gave a talk after the meal reminding the guests that despite the end of the war in Europe and Germany’s unconditional surrender, there was still at that time the menace of the terrible war with Japan raging in the Far East.