Are politicians losing focus of health and social care?

I am rarely surprised by politicians. In this year particularly there has been further demonstration of their lack of awareness of events in the real world more than in any other I can remember. However, to listen to our new Chancellor’s first Autumn Statement and hear no reference to the funding and delivery of health and social care was staggering.

The last few weeks should have been reminder enough to those in No.10 and No.11 that though they may be obsessed with the looming Brexit negotiations whilst the Country’s social care system is in crisis. It is extraordinary to see that though there has been a further reduction in home care capacity represented by two more national providers withdrawing from offering services to local authority funded care users; a financial crisis gripping the countries leading care home providers; hospital beds being 60% occupied by older people due to the lack of alternative accommodation and yet no apparent understanding of what this means for the country.

Audley CEO - Nick Sanderson.