3 reasons to love being in your 60s

Smiling senior lady in a mustard top sited at a table in restaurant

What’s the best thing about being 60?

With the 30s becoming the new 20s and the popular mantra that life starts at 50, some of us who have passed these milestones might be wondering how to feel as 60 approaches. And the answer is exciting!

The current social climate is embracing a whole new way of thinking. Ageism is slowly declining, as employers, social venues and travel providers all adapt to provide a more inclusive ecosystem.

The notion that your 60s is a time to slow down and smell the roses has given way to a natural desire to seize the day, whether that is in health and wellness, social interactions or fulfilling wish lists.

There is no better time to love and treat yourself or reinvent yourself than in your 60s and the beauty is, the choice is yours.

Taking control of your free time

With access to more health and wellness services, health clubs, and age-based health supplements in stores and online, staying healthy or working towards a healthier state has never been more achievable.

As more and more over-60s are taking advantage of these services it is creating a rich social tapestry that enhances social circles.

And don’t forget the ease of travel. Gone are the days of the stereotypical over 50s cruise (although luxury cruising today is still a fabulous option) but the rise of online travel agents has made reaching those must-see destinations a lot easier.

And although social dynamics may have changed as a result of loss, divorce or any of the other curveballs life can throw by the time you reach your 60s, there are plenty of tour groups dedicated to the over 60s age group, making a solo, couple or group travel all viable options. The world is still your oyster.

It’s also important to acknowledge the many physical changes your 60’s brings that can cause apprehension. In reality, your 60s actually provides the best opportunity to relive your heyday. With fast fashion now seeing popular threads from the 1940s to 2000s resurface on celebrities and then onto the high street at an alarming pace, you can expect to be seeing some of your favourite looks for a second time. Now you can really put your best put forward and show your fashion wisdom. The best is now so put on those stunning designs and show them how it’s done.

Living well and staying well

At Audley, living well and staying well has always been our number one priority. That is why every Audley luxury retirement village is built with your health and wellbeing in mind.

Many people embrace physical fitness and wellbeing as they reach retirement, putting that newfound time to good use. Exclusive luxury health clubs like the Audley Club, offer personal training and guidance, designed for the 60 year old body and mind. There is always a starting point, whether you are embarking on a new fitness regime or taking your exercise to the next level.

Owning your years of wisdom

Turning 60 can no doubt bring some uncertainty. Am I still interesting or relevant? Does my advice carry any weight? And the answer is yes. While we may not necessarily embody the intergenerational living arrangements that those before us did, the cyclical nature of information and trends really makes your past experiences even more relevant today. Take advantage of online forums to discuss the topics that interest you.

And for those who aren’t ready to give up work yet, your 60s is a great opportunity to push forward in your career or even change careers. You can take that final step into senior management or perhaps pivot entirely into a new career in an area that has always interested you. There are a myriad of opportunities to take advantage of and with bespoke career coaches, you can really drill down into what interests you and create an action plan to land that dream job.

Your 60s provide a great opportunity to focus on you and really fulfil those wants or aims that may have played second fiddle to other responsibilities. To speak plainly, the best thing about being 60 is down to you. The time is now yours.

Luxury retirement villages are age-exclusive. The minimum age varies by village but generally anyone over the age of 55 can move to a beautiful property in an Audley village and make the most of the health club, restaurant, library, cinema and treatment rooms available there.