Encouraging an active retirement

At Audley Villages we want to help people to live better for longer, and as such we encourage our property owners to stay active well into their retirement.

The mental and physical health benefits of physical activity, be it walking, running, dancing or any other activity, are undeniable at any age. The benefits can be even more prevalent as we get older. Our fitness classes, gym equipment, swimming pools and aqua classes help encourage owners to stay physically healthy as well as mentally fit.

Map showing Audley Trek route

The Audley Trek

The annual Audley Trek took place between 7th March and 29th May and our owners walked

51,000 miles and 117 million steps*
(*steps are based on an average walking pace of 3mph and an average stride length)

The Audley Trek, held for the second year running, helped to raise funds for The Audley Foundation, Charity Number 1187871.

Property owners living in Audley retirement villages around the country embarked on an epic virtual trek across the country covering over 600 miles from Audley Clevedon to Stanbridge Earls, virtually traveling the distance between 13 villages over 10 weeks.

Tips to stay active in retirement:


1. Every step counts!

Counting your steps, much like counting calories, is a great way to keep your physical activity on track. Fitness trackers or smart watches provide a continuous measurement of your activity throughout the day. Set yourself a target number of steps to achieve each day and if you've been a little too sedentary by midday then get up and move around some more.

Health benefits of walking regularly include:

  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Lowering the risk of heart disease
  • Lowering systolic blood pressure
  • Reducing blood glucose levels
  • Maintaining flexibility
  • Improving bone density

Over 65s should be aiming for somewhere between 3,000 and 10,000 steps depending on your current activity levels and general health

According to Holland and Barrett


2. Join a class

If your motivation is dipping, then you may find that exercising with a friend can really spur you on. In particular, group fitness classes can be great fun and quite a distraction to the feeling of exertion.

3. Walk before you run

Walking is a low-impact but exceptionally effective way to increase your cardiovascular fitness. Whether you walk at a brisk pace or a more moderate one, every step counts. Calculate your steps to miles or miles to steps. Walking outdoors can help promote positive feelings of wellbeing too, so you'll be feeling mentally fit as well as getting in some physical exercise.


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