Posture + stability = balance

Kevin Daly, Leisure Club Manager at St George's Place

Kevin Daly, Leisure Club Manager at Audley St George’s Place Health Club, shares in his latest blog, the importance of a stable balance, the impact it can have on our daily lives and also how we can improve and maintain our balance with some simple exercises!

At some point in our lives, it’s likely that we‘ve lost our balance and stumbled, tripped, or maybe even had a fall.

“A good balance can be achieved by having a good posture and stability on our feet.”

Balance is an essential attribute to complete day to day activities, regardless as to whether you’re a toddler, who’s prone to having a simple slip or someone in their later years, who’s feeling unsteady on their feet.

Falls earlier in life can be easier to overcome and are less likely to affect your confidence, whereas falls later in life can become more difficult to overcome, due to a naturally reduced range of motion, weaker bones, joints or muscles. Further complications can also occur if you have specific medical conditions or a reduced wellbeing.

There are many simple things you can do to help aid your balance, including ensuring your medication is up to date, attending GP appointments and by having regular eye and hearing tests. Whereas your stability can be helped maintained by looking after your feet and by wearing supportive footwear.

The benefits of keeping fit and healthy alongside looking after your wellbeing are well documented, however, less widely discussed are the benefits of performing balance exercises targeted at improving your posture and stability. Thus, reducing your risk of a fall. I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite balance exercises that you can perform at home or at your local Audley Health Club.

A number of the points raised above may sound familiar if you have experienced a fall, or if you try to follow a healthy and active lifestyle. Either way, having a fall can change your mindset and impact your confidence, so why not start creating positive habits now and stay on your feet!

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