Review of 2019 Decor Styles and Upcoming Trends

According to Elle Décor, 2019 offered a real mix of interior trends such as palm leaf imagery, layered landscapes (the combination of different sized furniture), and Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), the popular Danish lifestyle that revolves around cosy touches to the home to enhance feelings of well-being.

Trends that fell out of popularity included living room furniture being arranged around a TV; gallery walls, while still a popular feature, have been replaced by single pieces of art and design to create a less cluttered look; and the use of industrial materials inside the home has been swapped out for natural organic materials to emphasise the relationship between humans and nature, also known as ‘biophilia’.

2 0 1 9   C O L O U R   T R E N D S

Each year Dulux and Pantone release a ‘colour of the year’ that inspires interior trends for the coming months. For 2019, Dulux named ‘spiced honey’, a warm amber shade, as their colour of the year, and Pantone named theirs as ‘Living coral’, a vibrant yet mellow shade that embraces warmth and nourishment.

Colours have the capacity to impact and influence our mood. When carefully considered within the design of an interior, they can be used to promote mental and physical well-being, which becomes especially apparent in retirement when we spend more time at home.” -Jen Bernard

When considering introducing colour trends, how they may impact the balance of the home environment should be given careful consideration, particularly if the colour(s) will be dominant around the space.

To incorporate new colour and décor styles in the home, it doesn’t require an entire design overhaul unless desired. Instead, artwork, upholstery and wall coverings can easily be purchased to add those key trends.

Creating floral displays, placing trinkets on top of stacked books and decorative trays on shelves and coffee tables are all ways of creating the finishing touches. -Jen Bernard

The high street offers a lot of affordable luxury and styling tips, particularly for the different seasons. By using accessories to style your home it can make keeping homes fresh and up to date with the latest interior styles easy and affordable.

In 2019, green was highlighted as a great colour to introduce into the home as it represents moods of calm, positivity and peace. It can also be on par with the benefits of owning house plants for their relaxation and stress relieving properties.

I N T E R I O R   T R E N D S   F O R   2 0 2 0

Dulux have announced their 2020 colour of the year as ‘tranquil dawn’, an earthy green shade inspired by the morning sky. Pantone’s colour of the year 2020 is ‘classic blue’, a deep shade that is both comforting and relatable.

Other interior trends for 2020, according to luxury interior designer Jen Bernard, are pointing towards art deco curves, velvets and contrasting metals. Many of these trends will go on to influence the interiors of Audley Villages.

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