Art fit for a museum wall

Today is World Art Day, and it's a fantastic opportunity for us to recognise the part art plays in life in our villages. Across Audley there are many art groups who meet regularly to hone their artistic efforts. Mrs Micklethwait, an owner at Audley Binswood, has rediscovered her creative passion since moving to Audley.

The benefits of creating and looking at art are far-reaching. It's not just about reigniting creation passion or breathing life into neglected sites. Art can also support brain health and cognitive function.

Before a new Audley village opens we work with local galleries and museums to bring forgotten paintings out of the archives and back to walls.

Here is just a flavour of the art displayed in our retirement villages. If you would like to see them, you’re welcome to join us in our bistros and restaurants when we reopen.

Art at Audley Stanbridge Earls

Henry Moore – The Coming Storm (Framed painting on the left, below)

Born into a family of painters, Moore focused his initial paintings on landscapes and seascapes, before moving onto the marine work.

Richard Ernst Eurich - The wreck of the Herzogin Cecilie (Framed painting on the right, below)

British painter Eurich specialised in atmospheric landscapes and beaches and this painting named ‘The Wreck of the Herzogin Cecilie’ is no different.

Stanbridge Earls art on display

Art at Audley Cooper’s Hill

Peter Stockbridge – Fishing boats at Rye

Fishing Boats at Rye is a bright interpretation of daily fishing life, a perfect accompaniment to our bar and bistro at Audley Cooper’s Hill.

Audley Cooper's Hill art on display

Art at Audley St George’s Place

Sir George Chalmers – Sir Alexander MacDonald

MacDonald was head of Clan Uisdean, and in this painting he chose to be portrayed as chief of his Celtic clan.

Audley St Georges Place art on display

Art at Audley Inglewood

British School – Alderman Steptoe

Former Mayor of Southampton, Steptoe is best remembered for his charitable endeavours – including starting his own Steptoe’s Charity.

Audley Inglewood art on display

Audley artists

At Audley Binswood

Mrs Micklethwait owns a beautiful retirement property at Audley Binswood and recently rediscovered her passion for drawing and painting.

It's never too late to start. Discover more great art stories in and close to our retirement villages.