Top tips for decluttering your home

Approach your home room by room, working on one room at a time. Go through things slowly with no pressure.

Plan to review one cupboard or drawer at a time, perhaps one a day. Prepare three bags or boxes, one for charity, one for the bin, and one for family/selling. Take out everything from the drawer or cupboard before you start sorting them.

Lay them out so you can see all the items; you will probably find things you forgot that you owned and if that’s the case, you probably don’t need to keep it.

If you find something that prompts a memory, remember to share that memory with your partner or with a family member the next time you talk to them. Only put back into the cupboard or drawer those items you want to continue having in your life, otherwise decide its destination and whether it’s for charity, the bin or family/selling.

Think about all the ornaments and photographs you might have on display, you may not even look at them anymore, this could be the ideal time to sort through.

Plan 15 minutes a week to shred paperwork, the pile will reduce, we promise!

When you get up in the morning and go to your wardrobe to choose something to wear, start at one end and try on five things you might not have worn for years. If you still like an item, put it back in, whatever doesn’t fit or you no longer like, put them in the charity bag.

If you do this regularly, your wardrobe will end up with everything you love and enjoy wearing in it and you will feel fabulous for sorting it out.

If you are able to do gardening, a tidy garden helps to keep your house looking lovely and the fresh air just makes us all feel better. Spending time in the garden can be good for you and for your home, it’s also an opportunity to have another look in the greenhouse or shed – is there anything in there you can sort out now and part with?

Dig out the family albums and enjoy looking through them. Talk to your family about the photographs, sometimes they have not seen old family albums for years so they may be interested in looking through them once you can meet socially again.

Clean smartly not quickly – start with one area at a time, focusing on surfaces and appliances, cleaning until everything is free of grime, mildew and dust. Finish by cleaning carpets and floors.

Don’t forget to clean your windows and mirrors with glass cleaner, this can brighten up the whole room.

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