Exercises you can do while travelling to aid mobility (over 50s)

Just because you are out and about, doesn’t mean you have to lose any progress you’ve been making on your mobility in the process. We’ve collected some handy tips and sample exercises you can do to maintain your fitness levels and overall mobility when travelling.

Pack for Success

You’ll want to pack loose comfortable clothing to wear while you work on improving your mobility abroad. Other items that may be helpful are light weights, an inflatable exercise ball and light resistance bands. These items can fit easily into your overhead luggage and take up very little space in your suitcase.

You’ll need a chair handy for each one of these exercises. Repeat each one between 8-10 times, or as much as you can if that’s less.

Seated rows - sit at the edge of the chair, hold your arms out in front of you, thumbs up. Pull back both arms like you’re rowing a boat.

Ball squeeze - using your inflatable ball, hold it in front of your chest, squeeze it like you’re going to pop it and release.

Torso rotate - using your inflatable ball, hold it with both hands to your chest, twist just your middle to one side and then to the other, slowly

Leg raise - sit at the edge of the chair with your knees bent, hold on to the chair and extend your right leg until it’s almost straight at the knee, repeat for the other side.

Semi-sits - stand in front of your chair and pretend like you’re going to sit down, when your rear barely touches the seat fabric, just stand back up slowly.

Side bend - while seated, place one hand on your head and the other arm out to the side, lean to that side like you’re going to touch the ground and then return to centre, repeat for the other side

Ankle flex - while seated, stretch out one leg and flex your ankles, moving your toes towards the wall and then towards the ceiling, repeat for the other leg

Leg stands - hold on the back of your chair, take one foot off the floor and hold it bent for one minute, repeat for the other leg

Arm lifts - with your weights, lift your arms out to the sides, then to the middle (in front of your chest) then up to the ceiling and back

Band press - while seated, use your resistance band, loop it behind the middle of your foot and hold the other side. Extend your leg, pushing against the band and slowly retract, repeat on the other size.

Other Exercise Options

Don’t forget about swimming! If your hotel has a pool, swimming is a great full-body mobility workout that you can do which is fun too. You could also pack some walking shoes and go for a hosted walking tour.

You’ll learn about the local area and improve your endurance at the same time. Lastly, if your hotel has a gym, use the equipment for a low-impact yoga stitching or Pilates session. There are loads of great free courses online via Fitness Blender and other providers.

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