30 day wellness calendar - May

At a time when things are constantly changing, and yet every day can feel like Groundhog Day, it is important to be mindful and take some time out for your own state of mind. Time for you. Time for a loved one. Time to learn something new, to try something different. Setting a goal to achieve something each day can help induce feelings of positivity and can support brain health.

Following on from our popular 30 day wellness calendar for April, created by our wellbeing expert Baybora Erol, here are some new top tips to follow in May.

Quoting Bay,

“We can all make a shift towards positive thinking. All we need is practice and time."

With less social demands on our time, we now have more of it to spend on our own personal wellbeing. There are many activities to keep our brains healthy and most have the added benefit of inducing feelings of happiness and wellbeing in retirement and earlier life.

At Audley, we have created a wellbeing calendar of ideas to get you started on your path to happiness in isolation.

30 day wellness calendar May

You can print this calendar as a visual reminder to do something each day that will make you smile and keep your brain active and healthy.

View or print our April Wellness Calendar for more ideas.

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