Retirement properties to rent

Looking to move to somewhere smaller when you retire, or 'downsizing' as it is often referred to, can be a customary response as you approach retirement. The inclination to declutter and reduce the upkeep of your home can become more profound, and whether you currently own your own home or live in a rental property, downsizing to a retirement village can be an increasingly appealing prospect. Too much space, too many hours spent cleaning and the inadvertent hoarding of possessions are often triggers to declutter and downsize. Looking for retirement properties to rent or own can be the next logical step.

At Audley we do not offer a rental option, but rather you own your own home, in beautiful surroundings and are free to sell on the open market at any time.

Moving to an Audley village

At Audley Villages, like-minded people over the age of 55 (or around about then) choose to move from their rented or privately owned home to an Audley retirement property to free up equity, declutter or move closer to family and friends.

At Audley, your property and gardens are maintained for you; we mow the grass and wash your windows. Plus, there is a restaurant, library, health club with swimming pool, gym, spa and treatment rooms right on your doorstep, and Audley Care is on hand should you need it.

Living in an owned or rented retirement property is not the same as living in a care home

A luxury retirement village is a beautiful place to live, with services and facilities to ensure that people living there can remain independent for longer. The facilities to expect in a luxury retirement village can include a swimming pool, health club, spa area, therapy rooms, gym, fitness classes, restaurant, library and shared gardens, all right on the doorstep of your retirement property.

You live in your own home - an exquisitely built and decorated property - which you own, whether that be a retirement apartment, cottage or bungalow, in a beautiful village environment with like-minded people. Expert care is available if down the line you need any extra support.

At Audley, we pride ourselves on delivering the exceptional

Exceptional quality, exceptional choice.

Audley retirement properties are available to buy from £250,000. Each surrounding retirement village is purpose-built and age exclusive for over 55's (the minimum age varies by village) and no detail goes unnoticed. Two fees apply when you move to a retirement village - a monthly management fee and deferred management charge.

Find out more about owning one of our luxury new or pre-owned homes – search properties or ask a question.

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy a retirement property to rent out?

Some leases allow the property to be rented out on the condition that the occupier meets the Qualifying Person criteria for the village. Consent from the village management is required and the monthly management fee continues to be payable. Additional fees will also apply, please ask the sales team for more details. 

Can I rent a property at an Audley village?

Not currently. At Audley, you own your own home and are free to sell at any time on the open market. If you wish to buy an Audley property but need a little longer to sell your existing home, the village may be able to offer a short term rent to buy option to enable you to move in sooner. This is subject to the lease term, property chosen and eligibility criteria.

Can I get a mortgage on a retirement property?

The simple answer is yes. At Audley we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, but that shouldn’t mean that not everyone can move to an Audley village. Although many of the mainstream banks and building societies do not offer retirement mortgages, or lending into retirement, there are specialist mortgage lenders that do. One option from such specialist lenders is a retirement interest-only mortgage (RIO) that can be offered to people over 55 or 60. You can buy a retirement property by securing the loan against your home and only pay the interest each month.

If you are interested in borrowing money into retirement to move to an Audley village, we will be happy to introduce you to a specialist mortgage partner or you can, of course, source your own.