Love yourself this Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again when all over the world, people express appreciation for their significant other with gifts and romantic gestures. The cynics suggest we should all show our love for each other every day, not just on 14th February and special occasions.

We quite agree. But surely an excuse to show a little extra love can only be a good thing.

So today, lots of children will scribble sweet notes to their classroom crush, gentlemen will send flowers (often last minute) to the love in their life, young lovers might venture out on their first date, lifelong partners may reflect on memories of decades of Valentine's Days gone by and best friends might spend the day making each other smile.

Life and love in an Audley retirement village is no different. Each year we welcome couples and singles of all ages, to dine in our beautiful restaurants, attracted by the stunning buildings, delicious locally-sourced food and intimate setting.

We have the Romans to thank for St Valentine's Day, traditionally showing affection for one other person, but however it originated, St Valentine's Day is most certainly about love.

It's a time to enjoy the company of those we love, romantic or not. And that means loving our own company too.

Whether lucky enough to spend the day with someone special or the love of your life, or perhaps it's just you and your precious memories, it is a day to reflect on all the things you love about your life and about yourself. So whether you choose to get lost in the pages of a good book, indulge in an afternoon of laughter over a cream tea, or enjoy an intimate meal for two...

Love food and love yourself this Valentine's Day!

Make a date with an irresistable meal at one of our restaurants. Expertly prepared by our chefs, using fresh local ingredients, our special Valentine's Menu promises a decadent experience in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

Choose from our restaurants around the country and book online via bookatable or call to book.