Remembrance Sunday at Mote House

The annual Service Of Remembrance is in recognition of memories close to the hearts of many owners living in Audley Villages. Every year owners, staff, friends, family, and people in the local community pull together to sell poppies for the Royal British Legion and to mark the occasion in a beautiful way.

The world is a very different place to previous years, with physical community gatherings not an option, but the shared recognition and sense of community remains as strong today as every year. The teams in Audley Villages have worked hard to recognise Remembrance Day, even in Lockdown. One especially beautiful display was created by the team at Audley Mote House.

The Mote House display decorations this year are all home-made or donated and put up by the Mote House Charity Team - Bibiana, Pauline, Sarah and Kerry - Carers and housekeepers for Audley Care in Bearsted. Everyone involved donated their personal time and materials they had collected themselves, to create this masterpiece of a display (pictured above).

Here is their story, in the words of the Mote House Charity Team...

"For this years Royal British Legion Institute (RBLI) we wanted to break last year's fundraising total of £344.34, raised by the Mote House team, owners, friends and family."

Although an impending Lockdown was looming, our 2019 display for RBLI had been so successful that we had already started to plan ahead for this year. Bibiana had seen a beautiful dress in a shop window display and showed it to Pauline who said "Let's do it for 2020 and recreate a 'Mr and Mrs' display" so that became our plan.

Pauline sewed the beautiful vintage nurses uniform, pictured above, on one of her many sewing machines. The uniform was crafted from a cotton sheet, dyed and sewed by Pauline herself. She dressed the mannequin in a black basque with a black silk underskirt covered by black netting, all created from materials and netting we already had between us.

The suit is borrowed from Kerry Townsend's husband, the red cape is borrowed from our colleague Honor King, Personal Care Assistant. It belonged to her mother.

Bibiana set to glueing what seemed to be thousands of petals together to form poppies, which she then pinned onto the black figure and together we worked overnight earlier this week to create the display seen in the photos above.

"Everything that we sell is either made or collected by us. We are crafty people who like to make things."

When Lockdown restrictions were announced we were left to wonder how anyone would get to see this beautiful display we had worked so hard on. Also, who would buy the lovely items on display? How were we going to be able to encourage donations?

Wesley, General Manager here at Mote House, suggested that we ask the kitchen to make some cookies to accompany deliveries. So together with the rest of Mote House team we delivered cookies, poppies and items for sale around Mote House village to our owners. All before the 11th hour on the 11th day.

Bibiana decided to share photos of the display on social media for any kind donations from our families and friends, colleagues and Audley Care community carers. We haven't totted up the amount raised yet as the donations are in sealed donation boxes, but we have been touched by the generosity of friends, family and owners.

Thank you to Mrs Mason and her fellow crafters for the knitted/crochet poppies which have been sold to raise money. Sadly this year the Craft Club have not been able to meet due to Coronavirus, but what a poignant example of people pulling together as a community, even when they cannot physically be together.

"Thank you to everyone who has made or donated something, and to all those who donated or purchased our poppies and poppy-creations.

We didn’t anticipate what 2020 was going to bring but despite it all we have still managed to raise money for many different charities this year, and we sincerely hope we'll continue to do so."

Wesley Ridgeway, General Manager said of his team

"A huge well done to the Mote Charity Team for another fantastic display. Every year this gets better and I look forward to seeing the joy on owners faces as they walk through. You should all be so proud of all the money you raise for great causes and the hard work you put in to make these fundraisers a success. Thank you for everything you do for our great village."

Huge thank you to all Audley teams for their exceptional efforts this year. In particular, thanks to Pauline Ovenden - Night Carer, Bibiana Taylor - Personal Care Assistant, Kerry Anne Townsend - Housekeeper, and Sarah Sapsford – Housekeeper. These four dedicated, caring women spearhead Charity Events and fundraising efforts at Audley Mote House. In addition to the invaluable care they provide to Audley owners and the local community in their day-to-day roles, their fundraising efforts have already raised over £1,300 for charities in 2020.