Physio exercises of the month - June

Keeping fit is important at any stage of life, and increasingly important for brain health and physical fitness in retirement. Our Audley Clubs may be temporarily closed, but our experts and partners are still on hand to provide advice. For this month's exercise tips, Excel Physio have teamed moves together using some of their recently recommended exercises and some new ones. Remember to go gently and build up. Start with a low number of repetitions if you are finding it easy then gradually increase.

1. Marching on the spot - one song take it steady and rest when needed

Stand up with your feet about hip width. March on the spot, lifting your knees high. Opposite elbow to knee. Keep the body straight as you do the exercise.

Duration - 2 minutes               
Other - A song of choice, rest when needed.

2. Active pelvic tilt - can also be done standing 

Sit on a chair with your thighs parallel to the ground, your feet flat on the floor and your back in a neutral position (slightly arched). Maintain steady abdominal breathing while you tilt your hips posteriorly by rounding your lower back and anteriorly by arching your lower back. Alternate between these motions, working through all the available range of motion.

Reps - 10 

3. Roll down

Starting position: Natural standing position. Centre engaged. Action: Inhale to prepare. Exhale, lengthen the back of the neck and curl the head and neck forwards. Continue to curl the body forwards, one bone at a time. Wheel the pelvis forwards and continue to roll the body downwards as far as comfortable. Allow the head and arms to relax forwards with gravity and keep the knees soft. Inhale and hold the roll down position. Exhale, draw the tailbone downwards and wheel the pelvis upwards. Continue to roll the spine upwards one bone at a time. Lengthen the upper body upwards and widen the collarbones to return to the starting position. - then put your hands on your bum and lean back - Repeat x 3

Reps - 3               
Other - As you straighten up put your hands on your lower back and stretch backwards.

4. Chin tuck

Lying flat on your back with your knees bent up. Stand up tall with your head and shoulders against the wall or back of the chair. Keep shoulders relaxed and gently tuck your chin in and slide the back of your head up the wall. Hold 5 seconds and repeat x 3 Little and often. Can be done in standing, in the car and lying down in bed.

Reps- 10           
Hold- 5 seconds             
Other - Can be done standing against the wall

5. Active range of motion - shoulders abduction

Begin by standing with your feet together, arms by your sides, palms facing forward. Slowly lift your arms out to the side until your hands are above your head. Then, lower your arms back down to your sides, keeping your palms facing forward.

Reps - 20

6. Assisted trunk rotation

Sit on a chair with your back in neutral position (slightly arched) and your chin tucked in. Turn your upper body to one side moving at the middle back. Increase the stretch by pulling yourself with the back of the chair. Return to the initial position and repeat.

Reps - 10 in total (5 to each side)

If you think you could benefit from a little extra guidance, either from our fitness experts in the Audley Club or our physiotherapy partners, please get in touch.