Photography tips

"Based on my 50+ years as a keen photographer and exhibitor, I am pleased to share few top tips to get your creative passions rising!"

Capture the moment

I’ve always loved to use photography in a creative way and anyone can do the same, whether you have a semi-professional camera or simply a smartphone.

Have fun!

Chris Towler, Owner at Cooper's Hill luxury retirement village

Spring is such a wonderful time of year with boundless opportunities to capture its magic with your camera or smartphone.

  • The real trick to capturing "spring" successfully is to focus on the content of the picture rather than the technology, as long as the latter is adequate. What do I mean? Well, a good spring picture is one which shouts "SPRING" because of its subject matter. It is not just a high quality picture taken in the spring months.


  • Let's think about this further. Spring is a time of awakenings, pairings, emergence of new life and the appearance of colour. It's everywhere! Capture it with your camera.


  • Make sure the subject matter fills the picture. A distant photograph of daffodils is unlikely to have the impact of a close-up of the flowers - unless there are hundreds of them when their patterns across an otherwise drab landscape might have the impact you want.


Here are a few examples of photographs I recently took. You can see more Springtime photos from myself and others owners over on the Springtime at our retirement villages page.

snowdrops in retirement village

Rabbit at Surrey retirement village

flowering bud retirement village surrey

Find out more about Springtime at Audley and how you can get involved and share your own photos and videos. The categories are: Wildlife, Weather, Plants (and flowers). This week we're encouraging owners and team members to send us photos of 'Birds In The Sky'.