Top tips for selling your home

Since the temporary stamp duty reduction was announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak on the 8th July, the UK property market is experiencing a huge surge in demand.

The property service ‘Rightmove’ announced £37bn worth of property sales throughout the month of July, making this the busiest month for home buying in the last 10 years. ‘Rightmove’ also reported that in October 2020 the number of active buyers increased by 66% compared to the same period last year.

With the increased number of active buyers, it is essential that your property stands out from the crowd. Ultimately, selling your home can be a stressful experience, but there are things that you can do to make the whole experience as stress-free as possible.

We wanted to share with you some of our top tips.

Make first impressions count

Most house buyers make immediate first impressions and on occasions these impressions can set the tone for the whole visit, so make sure that your property gives out the right first impression. If you have a front lawn, ensure that this is tidy and free of any unsightly plants or rubbish bins waiting to be collected.


Sometimes the true potential of your property can be hidden behind family trinkets and ornaments, unlock that potential by temporarily moving your items out of the way. This can be especially important when your agent comes to take photos, by moving clutter you can help to ensure that the buyer’s focus is on your property rather than your belongings.


If you have any little holes or scuff marks in your walls, consider getting your tool kit out and correcting any manageable jobs. Sometimes, when a buyer is deciding between a small number of properties, the smallest things can make the pendulum swing one way or another.

Choose the right estate agent

Finding the right estate agent can be one of the most important factors in selling your home. Consider speaking to friends and family members for any local recommendations or simply look at the number of ‘For Sale’ signs that are in your neighbourhood, this will give an indication of who is trusted in the local area. Don’t just go for the estate agent that has valued your property the highest.


The majority of people adore pets, however, sadly not all people do. If your pet spends the majority of their time in a specific room then air the room out before any visits, some people can be put off by a smell or even have an allergy. Otherwise, consider leaving your pet with a neighbour so that any potential buyers remember your property and not your pet.

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