It's Springtime at Audley

Springtime at Audley

Spring has sprung this week (officially on Sunday 20th March) and it's time to enjoy the flora and fauna at Audley Villages. 

When is Spring in the UK?

According to the Met Office, how you define the first day of spring actually depends on whether you are referring to the astronomical or meteorological spring.

Astronomical seasons refer to the position of Earth's orbit in relation to the Sun. The start date of a new season can fall on different days each year. This year, astronomical spring begins on 20 March 2022 and ends on 21 June 2022.

Meteorological seasons are instead based on the annual temperature cycle and measure the meteorological state and the calendar to determine clear seasons. By the meteorological calendar, spring will always start on 1 March; ending on 31 May. March, April and May are determined as Spring.

Spring flowers

Spring is the ideal time to sow seeds and get your garden ready. So whether you're looking to reconnect with your garden in retirement, find some spring planting tips, create a beautiful balcony garden, or are simply looking for inspiration our Gardening blog has some great advice from Audley gardeners and owners who have done just that.

The benefits of exercising outside

Is it time to put a spring in your step and take your workout outdoors? At Audley Clubs we’ll be taking some fitness classes outside when the weather allows for it. There are some undeniable benefits to working out outdoors - The air is cleaner, the workout is harder and it can boost your mental health.

Spring animals

From the fragrant aroma of wild garlic to the delightful song of the chiffchaff, the British countryside comes to life in the spring months.

Countryfile has some excellent tips on where to spot the best wildlife spectacles this spring, including the tree bumbebee, badger cubs and frogs spawn.

Stories from our owners

Audley owners have kindly shared their own experiences of Audley Nightingale Place, Clapham Common in Spring and Surrey Springtime at Audley Cooper's Hill in Englefield Green.

Read gardening tips from some of our experts.