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For the Love of Books

Reading in retirement

With the average person expected to read as many as 700 books in their lifetime, based on a US study, or as many as 4000 for 'super readers', many of us share a love of books. This is heightened in childhood and when reading in retirement. In fact, a 2019 TGI study found that

book-reading adults who are ‘heavy readers’ are 26% more likely than the average reader to be aged 65 or over.

Audley Villages Libraries

Nestled at the heart of each Audley village is the library, filled to bursting with books for the people living there to read at their leisure.

Wifi is available, with a comfortable space to sit and unwind or bring your computer along and scan the vast breadth of information on the world wide web.

Our libraries are designed to encourage reading in retirement. Bookshelves contain everything from romantic fiction to factual books of encyclopaedic proportions, all of which owners are welcome to help themselves to, and return once finished. Many people donate their own books to be shared and enjoyed by others. After all, there's nothing quite like passing on a book you loved. It makes for a very interesting conversation too.

The Book People

A 2019 study of 2,000 readers, by The Book People, uncovered some very interesting reading habits.

From the most popular genres in the UK (crime and thrillers apparently), to our favourite places to read (in bed), and 39% of readers choosing to buy a brand new book in a store rather than opt for a second hand or digital option.

So whatever your preferred genre, whether you wish to immerse yourself in the dramatic storyline of a fictional novel, devour one of the classics, or perhaps even look up a new skill, the library is always a good place to start.

How reading can improve brain health

It is unsurprising that reading books has significant benefits. It goes without saying that reading a factual book can increase your knowledge on any given subject, but it is in fact the case that reading anything at all can improve your positive state of mind.

Reading a book (or an ebook) is an activity that can be done alone, in the quiet company of others, or in groups whereby a book can provide the subject of conversation. The UK Book Club has almost 6,000 members. The sharing of books and an appreciation of reading provides another way for older people particularly, to interact with others. More time on your hands in later life is another great reason to start reading in retirement.

According to experts, the benefits of reading are diverse...

  • Sharpens the brain
  • Improves learning
  • Increases knowledge
  • Increases vocabulary
  • Improves memory and focus
  • Thinking skills
  • Lowers stress
  • Strengthens writing ability
  • Enhances imagination
  • Boosts sleep 

According to a study looking into the benefits of reading for the brain, it found that reading a book causes heightened connectivity in the brain and neurological changes that persist even after you’ve stopped reading. 

Scientists also found that reading poetry stimulates activity in the brain area associated with autobiographical memory.

Overall, reading is a complex process, requiring several parts of the brain to help piece together and visually recreate what’s happening in the text. This brain activity will stand you in good stead for becoming more widely analytical and readers are able to spot patterns more quickly, a key trait of good analytical thinking.

Find out more about living in an Audley retirement village, including libraries, wellness suites, bars, restaurants and hair salons.

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LEAMINGTON SPA | Part of our interior design brief is incorporating the local area and the history in to the design for each village just like this fabulous poster in our sales apartment at Audley Binswood. • • • • • #leamingtonspa #binswoodhall #binswood #audleyvilages #retirementliving #retirementvilage #retirementplanning #interiordesigner
BLACK | An extremely popular trend at the moment is monochrome interiors, it can added for pop of depth to a room or to contrast. Our interior designer added this tea set to our show apartment at Audley Binswood. • • • • • • #audleyvillages #interiordesign #interior123 #interiordesigner #interiorstyling #monochrome #designinspiration #monochromatic @interiordesignideas @interiordesignmag
REFLECTIONS | Using mirrors to flood light into our rooms. • • • • • #audleyvillages #stanbridgearls #Romsey #interiorinspo #interior123 #interiordesigninspo #mirrors #retirement #retirementplanning 4
LIGHTING | Something you might have noticed if you’ve visited multiple Audley Village’s is that out lighting is always a main feature in our rooms, they compliment and finish the look beautifully. • • • • • #audleyvillages #interiordesign123 #interiorstyling #deisgner #lighting #chandeliers #interior_design #Redwood #retirementvillage #retirementliving
CHARACTER | Keeping the character of the original building but adding the Audley signature style to bring the village to life. • • • • • #audleyvillages #character #interiordesigner #refurb #interior123 #designinspiration #retirement #chaingingperspective
THE MONTFORT | The stunning bar area at Audley Stanbridge Earls. Interiors by: @bernardinteriors • • • • • #interiordesign #interiors123 #audleyvillages #retirementlife #bardesign #personalisedinteriors #refurbished #original #stanbridgeearls #romsey
FINAL PHASE | The first nine spacious new houses are now ready in the final phase at Audley Chalfont Dene. • • • • #audleyvillages #togetherathome #newproperties #retirementvillage #chalfontdene #chalfontstgiles #retirementplanning
LONDON | Audley Nightingale Place the latest village within the Audley portfolio. This will be the bar area soon to be filled with the most delicious wines, spirits and importantly coffee! • • • • • #audleyvillages #retirement #london #claphamcommon #interiordesign #interiors123 #interiordesign #londonproperty #retirementvillage 5
SNEAK PEEK | Audley Nightingale Place, Clapham. • • • • • • #audleyvillages #claphamcommon #london #firstlondonvillage #retirementliving #londonproperty #retirementcommunities 1
BOOK CLUB | one of our owners favourite spots at Audley Ellerslie, Malvern. • • • • #ellerslie #audleyellerslie #malvern #librarydesign #interior123 #personalised #retirementplanning #retirementlife #bookclub 1
WILLICOMBE PARK | The sun shining over Tunbridge Wells. • • • • • #tunbridgewells #royaltunbridgewells #audleyvillages #willicombepark #retirement #retirementplanning #retiredlife 1
VIEWS | the stunning grounds captured by the General Manager, Thomas at Coopers Hill. 3
LISTED BUILDING | Our properties surround Stanbridge Manor which is a grade II* listed building so it retains the majority of its original features. • • • • • #listedbuilding #audleyvillages #interiordesign #interior123 #retirementvillage #romsey #stanbridgearls