Lock up and leave in retirement

I enjoyed the story in The Times this morning about the mid-life gap year – perhaps I was dreaming about relaxing beaches!

But I wasn’t surprised by it, and I don’t think extended travel is the preserve of the young, or even those in their middle years.

We’re seeing so many of our property owners take advantage of the world opening up again post pandemic.

Nick Sanderson, Audley Group CEO

We actually did some research* recently which found older travellers are making the most of post-pandemic freedom.

  • 25% of over 55s plan to take three or more holidays this year
  • Nearly a quarter (23%) have taken a holiday of a month or longer
  • Over half of older workers would like to live and work overseas for an extended period but home security is a key barrier

With the pandemic restrictions finally eased, older Britons are looking forward to making the most of the holiday potential. A quarter of those aged 55 and over are planning to take three or more holidays this year, and 14% will be taking longer holidays to make up for those missed over the last two years, according to new research.

It’s not just short breaks people are looking for. Almost a quarter (23%) of the 55+ age group have taken an extended holiday of a month or more, and one in ten (11%) have done so multiple times.

Colosseum on the background of a blue sky

Holidays are attractive for those with more time on their hands but those still working would also love to explore further afield. Over half (55%) of over 55s that are still working would choose to live and/or work somewhere overseas for an extended period. Working from Rome came out top.

But there are barriers to this dream: 49% would hesitate because of the potential security risk to their homes while they are away, while 40% are concerned that something could go wrong with the house.

It’s the lock up and leave trend growing again: for a lot of those living in our Audley villages the security of knowing their homes will be looked after while they enjoy travelling is a real selling point. I can only see the trend growing, as it should. Making the most of your time to see the world and enjoy life as you get older is what it’s all about as far as I’m concerned. I’m making my own travel bucket list!

Nick Sanderson, Audley Group CEO


Research was conducted with Opinium between 11th and 17th March 2022. 2,005 UK consumers (972 aged 18-54, 1,033 (55+) were surveyed.

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