9 cracking alternatives to Easter eggs

Easter eggs mean sugar-fuelled children and an abundance of recycling. That said, the novelty is also short lived, so why not consider an alternative this Easter that the grandchildren will love?

Days out enjoying your local scenery

Instead of giving a gift, why not take the grandchildren on a day out? There are some fantastic options out there that don't have to break the bank.

  • National Trust children's nature trails
  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 'Children's Adventure Trail'
  • Play Trail at Moors Valley country park and forest
  • Many more in your local area - just take a look online!

Crafty ideas for a fun-filled Easter Sunday

Kids have endless imagination and it's amazing what they can create out of nothing. Here are some ideas for Easter themed creations:

  • Paper plate bunnies: paper plates, paint, pipe cleaners (for ears) and stick on eyes
  • Clothes peg bunnies: wooden clothes pegs, paint, stick on eyes, ribbon for bows
  • Paper plate Easter eggs: paper plates cut into an egg shape, paint, glue, glitter
  • Cupcake case flowers: cupcake cases of various sizes/colours, wooden lollipop sticks, green paint, glitter, buttons

E-book tokens

While times have moved on and children are more likely to be found in front of a screen than a book, that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the wonder of a good fairytale. You can purchase e-book tokens from somewhere like Amazon, which can be spent on ebooks or audiobooks.

Other fun Easter themed gifts

  • Fluffy bunny/chick slippers
  • Easter sticker books
  • Board games for the whole family to enjoy
  • Ceramic egg painting kit