Marius Arlauskas: Head Chef @ Ellerslie

1. What inspired you to pursue a career as a chef?
Inspiration for food and cooking came when I was 8 and had to prep a whole Christmas lunch for my family due to my mum getting ill and I decided to take lunch into my own hands, maybe it was not the best lunch but from that moment it stuck to me.

2. How long have you worked in the industry? When did you start?
So now I’m 18 years working as a chef. I joined the chef college which I completed in 2 years and travelled over Africa and Europe collecting knowledge of different cuisines and cooking techniques.

3. How did you get your role at Audley Ellerslie? What attracted you to us?
I worked for few companies before and decided that it was time for a change and within a month I joined Audley group. I had a brand new kitchen, that was something I always wanted. A new experience that’s what attracted me here at Audley Ellerslie.

4. How do you/what is the process for creating a new menu (both for a village restaurant and an event like the recent launch)?
My menus and food that I’m creating comes from experience, knowledge, seasonal products, new trends and of course Audley owners, trying to please every customer so you will find fine dining to comfort food.

5. Who would be at your ideal dinner party (dead or alive)? What kind of menu would you create?
My Ideal dinner party would be my whole family because it's hard all to get together and we would have endless BBQ music and best time ever.

6. What is your favourite dish to cook for others?
My favourite dish to cook is fish, as long as it's fresh I can make amazing dishes that are light and tasty as hell.

7. What do you love to cook for yourself? 
I only cook at work, at home my kitchen is taken over by my partner and it's nice when someone cooks for you for a change.

8. Which season creates the best produce and why?
I think the best season is spring when everything is waking up from a cold winter and you start looking at what’s ready to use at the time.

9. Who inspires you as a chef?
My inspiration to become a chef was my mom, I just loved cooking and baking with her when I was a child. So here I am Head Chef in Audley Group and I’m enjoying where I’m and what I do.