How to cook broccoli

One of life's little quandaries... how to cook broccoli so that it retains it's signature flavour and shape? Overcook it and you end up with soggy broccoli that falls apart. Undercook it and you haven't released the full flavour.

Our Group Head Chef at Audley Inglewood, Gert Pienaar, has the answer...

5 steps to perfectly cooked broccoli

1. Cut your florets in equal sizes to cook evenly.

2. Make sure your water is boiling BEFORE adding the broccoli. Boil for 2 minutes depending on the size of your florets (no longer than 3-4 minutes for especially large florets).

3. If you are not going to serve it straight away, refresh your cooked broccoli in ice water.

4. After cooking, “dry” your broccoli by returning it to an empty hot pan to evaporate the water.

5. You can then add butter and seasoning to suit your taste.

Top tip: Waste not want not... Don’t throw the broccoli stem away! Peel it and finely slice to add a stir fry.

It is of course important to use fresh broccoli. The fresher the vegetable, the better the end result. Here at Inglewood, I use fresh locally-grown ingredients whenever I can.

You can also of course steam, roast or fry your broccoli florets (the latter being my preference when cooking tenderstem).

Serving suggestions:


Some people enjoy a squeeze of lime over cooked broccoli. Others appreciate a sprinkle of salt and pepper, or a small knob of butter left to slowly melt on the florets once removed from the pan. Garlic, lemon and parmesan cheese is another delicious option.

Once you have perfected how to cook broccoli, you can experiment with different seasonings. For now though, if you're just looking for perfectly cooked veg for your roast dinner, then following these 5 steps should get you started.