This year we invited owners living in our retirement villages to complete the survey either online or in paper form.

Some highlights of the 2021 annual survey are;

  • 92% say 'Audley feels like home'
  • 90% are happy with Audley's response to the pandemic
  • 97% commend the 'Friendly reception staff'
  • 83% feel 'reassured that someone is there'

The top 3 reasons owners rate Audley as excellent are:

1. The property I live in | 2. The people who work here | 3. Safety and security

Audley's top rated luxury retirement villages are:

The operations and marketing teams supporting our retirement villages use the insight from this survey to improve our services and the service levels we deliver to owners living in our villages. 

Owners written comments included

"I couldn't wish for a nicer or more capable team of people."

"I feel this is the safest and happiest place to be, never feeling lonely."

"We have a good community spirit here and all the staff are friendly and helpful."

Owners also kindly shared their personal experiences of living in a retirement village and 'village life in lockdown' comments on screen in 2021 and 2020, and have begun to share their personal owner stories on our retirement living blog.