Audley Villages 2020 annual survey results


2020 Audley Villages Annual Owners Survey Results

Due to the overwhelming acceptance of online communications by many owners living in our retirement villages this year, the annual survey was completed online in 2020 rather than paper form.

Some highlights of the 2020 annual survey are;

  • 81% rated Audley Villages 'Excellent' or 'Good'
  • 80% commended the 'Good sense of community'
  • 97% commended the 'Friendly reception staff'

The top 3 ways owners describe Audley are

1. Safe and secure | 2. Helpful | 3. A community

Audley's top rated luxury retirement villages are:

It is also worth noting that owners' level of comfort with technology has increased in 2020.

  • 60% of owners are now comfortable with using tech compared with only 48% reported in 2019
  • 88% of owners surveyed use a device (smartphone, computer or tablet) now compared with 80% in 2019
  • Almost 40% of owners have used the Audley owners apps

The operations and marketing teams supporting our retirement villages use the insight from this survey to improve our services and the service levels we deliver to owners living in our villages. The survey this year also asked for feedback on how owners have felt living in an Audley village during the pandemic.

  • 90% of owners are happy with Audley's response to the pandemic
  • 94% feel that Audley have kept them informed, 91% feel Audley responded quickly to the pandemic and 92% said Audley helped them feel safe and protected

Owners written comments included

"Audley have dealt with the pandemic competently and well and kept everyone safe."

"We feel we are very lucky to live here and being taken care of."

"Keep up the good work, ideal place to be living."

Owners also kindly shared their 'village life in lockdown' comments on screen earlier this year and have begun to share their personal owner stories on our retirement living blog.

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