Discover the purchase option that's right for you.

At Audley, we understand that downsizing in retirement is a big decision. There are several purchase options and offers available to you when you move to a luxury retirement village in the UK.

In addition to the time-sensitive offers listed below, you may consider a bridging loan or even a retirement mortgage. For more information on the option that's the best fit for your retirement property purchase, arrange an appointment virtually or in person. 

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If you are unsure of your options and would appreciate a personalised recommendation from one of our property experts before you explore any further, please let us know the best way to contact you below.

We will call you on this number to confirm your appointment, directions and who you'll be meeting on your visit.

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Own your retirement

Our idea of retirement is different.

At Audley you're in charge, which means you can live the life you love, keep your highly valued independence and own your own property.

Because when you've worked hard to become the person you are today, we believe you shouldn't have to change your lifestyle when you retire.