Village life in lockdown

It feels like a long 15 weeks since we closed our doors to family, friends, club members and diners. A pandemic of this scale is something none of us had experienced before now and hopefully something we never will again. The facts and figures about the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 will be recorded in future history books, but each of us will look back on it with our own very real memories.

For many people, experiences are a mix of concern, sadness and frustration, but with shining moments of positivity. There has been many a motivational poster printed with the wise words "We are all in the same storm, but not all in the same boat." That is certainly true of older people living in one of our villages. Audley teams have introduced meal deliveries to apartments, twice weekly food shops, virtual exercise classes and virtual cooking demonstrations to name but a few, and both Audley and our owners have adopted digital technology as a method of communication and to engage in fun new activities.

"I am incredibly proud of our teams across the country, who have gone above and beyond to ensure that our owners are well looked after. We have learnt so much during this extended period of lockdown, and I truly believe that, as we come out of this, life in our villages will be even better than it was before."

Paul Morgan, Audley Group MD

"Out of challenging circumstances come great actions. People can still stay in their own homes, and still have fun. It has absolutely confirmed the real benefit of living in a retirement community."

Nick Sanderson, Audley Group CEO

We asked owners living in Audley retirement villages up and down the country how they have felt during lockdown, and the answers are stories to be treasured. We would like to thank every owner who contributed to the video and took the time to talk to our team about their lockdown experience.

Watch the video above as Paul Morgan (MD) and Nick Sanderson (CEO) talk about their positive takeaways from the last 3 months and are joined by many Audley owners sharing their thoughts on personal experiences of life in lockdown.

Many of the new initiatives and activities introduced to Audley owners in lockdown, are also available on Audley Stories.