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Annual Owner Survey 2020

Annually, we invite the retirement property owners living in Audley villages, to rate certain aspects of their day to day experiences and to share their overall feedback on their happiness in their village.

Opinions and ratings captured in the annual survey are further compounded by feedback throughout the year as a result of very open communication between property owners and the Audley teams. The operations and marketing teams supporting our retirement villages use this insight to further improve the delivery of services and communications to property owners. Tanisha Robinson-Noel, Marketing Operations Manager says

"Due to the overwhelming acceptance of online communications by many owners living in our retirement villages this year, the annual survey was completed online in 2020 rather than paper form."

The survey this year also asked for feedback on how owners have felt living in an Audley village during the pandemic. See the highlights below or read more owners survey results.

Audley Villages 2020 annual survey results

Everyday life in 2020 has certainly been unprecedented, yet it is heart-warming to hear the happy real-life experiences of owners living in our villages, feeling safe, secure and connected.

Paul Morgan, Managing Director says

Our annual owners survey offers invaluable insight into daily life at Audley. It tells us how happy our owners are, what they like, what they don’t and, crucially, what we can improve on allowing us to continually enhance the Audley experience.

2020 is the first time our survey has been done online as owners embrace the greater role technology now has in our daily lives. The pandemic has meant we have all had to change the way we live and communicate, not least our owners, and this was our chance to ask what it’s been like living in a village through this unsettling time.

Our whole team - receptionists, chefs, gardeners, carers have adapted the way they work and supported owners in many different ways.

The results of these changes paint a picture I’m so proud of, I could not ask more of our outstanding teams.

Audley is described as a place that is safe and secure, helpful and, above all, a community. Throughout the pandemic, 92% of our owners have felt safe and protected.

There will always be areas to improve and we will work on those in the coming months.

These results just underline the need for more specialist retirement living options which enable people to live safely, independently, as part of a community and own their retirement.

View more insight from the 2020 Owner Survey and download the infographic.

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