Love of music

Music brings joy to many people, though for Mr Andrew Fletcher it’s not only a beloved hobby or a common interest, it’s also the base of his successful career – past and present. And it’s been a rather fascinating career that has evolved over time.

Mr Andrew Fletcher - Musician, teacher and owner at Audley St George’s Place


Mr Fletcher moved into Audley St George’s Place in August 2020, and while the Audley team helped to unload moving boxes, furniture and his tuned-up organ, it became clear that music has played a greater part of his life than most.

With lockdown restrictions putting a stop to many of the things we all love and entertain ourselves with, teaching and performing music is a field that’s been especially affected.

Earlier this year, with the pandemic underway, a lull in health, and a little push from friends and the team at Audley St George’s Place, Mr Fletcher decided to face current events head on and bravely adapt.

He has since been teaching organ and piano and singing virtually, while also giving feedback to pupils over the phone or socially distancing, when government rules allow.

"I’ve always wanted to teach, and I’ve been given a gift"

said Mr Fletcher. It's a gift that’s catapulted his career and taken him all over the world, conducting and performing recitals for significant audiences.

Incredibly experienced and an excellent guide to aspiring musicians, Mr Fletcher was educated at Oxford and Birmingham universities, and also held the esteemed title of Director of Music at St Thomas’s, Stourbridge, until 2009.

There’s often a period of uncertainty or stress when making a life change to move or downsize to a new property, but according to Mr Fletcher,

“everyone’s been brilliant and helped me settle in to life at Audley St George’s Place.”

He also kindly credited staff and fellow owners at the Edgbaston retirement village, for the fantastic support he received throughout the process.

With the uplift in the digital age, virtual classes are definitely becoming more common and provide a valuable alternative. In a year that has made life difficult (and certainly different), Mr Fletcher has proven to be a real inspiration and someone who has overcome the challenge of these trying times, so that he can continue to do what he loves and give back through teaching.

It’s encouraging to see how Mr Fletcher has been able to maintain honouring his musical calling and benefit other ambitious musicians along the way. Perhaps this is a lesson for us all to celebrate and value our passions or unique talents, despite any apparent hurdles that may arise.

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