Happiest places to live in Britain

With the feelings of uncertainty and a forced state of living in isolation, with limited to no contact with loved ones or the outside world, lockdown is bound to have had an impact on where people choose to call home. For those who have already decided that they would benefit from moving, particularly for retirement purposes, they will have likely begun taking steps towards this goal.

For some, this year experiencing a global pandemic may affirm that their home and its location is right for them, but for many it will encourage a deeper reflection and reevaluation of life and what is considered important.

Each year, Rightmove.co.uk hosts its ‘Happy at Home’ index, a national survey conducted to determine the happiest places to live in Great Britain. In 2019, 22,000 people from 194 locations across England, Wales and Scotland took part.

Happiness factors

There are several ways to determine happiness related to a location, based on a set of measurable factors. These include but are not limited to:

  • Community spirit
  • Safety
  • Distance from friends and family
  • Lifestyle in relation to earnings
  • Amenities
  • Good local services
  • Friendliness and politeness of locals

Audley Villages near top ranking happiness hotspots

Out of 194 locations, the winner of the 2019 Happy at Home survey was Hexham in the north-east of England, described as a ‘quaint market town with lots of culture and history'.

Harrogate in Yorkshire, near to Audley Clevedon and Audley Scarcroft, came in second place.

Royal Leamington Spa, home to Audley Binswood, ranked in 19th place, and the winner for best region in Britain was the south-west, with Bristol, the location of Audley Redwood, ranking in 106th place.

Many of our owners are proud to live at Audley. There are currently 19 Audley villages across England, offering all owners and their guests the opportunity to get involved and become part of a new community, to dip in and out as they please.

Could an Audley Village be your happy place? Book a virtual tour to find out